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Down the Line

DOWN THE LINE Surf Talk Podcast Scott Bass and David Scales talk about all things surfing; surf travel, culture, history, competition, swells, art, movies, icons, legends, business, local, non-local, longboard, shortboard, boogie board, wait, no boogie board... SUP, whatever. Nothing is off limits and the gloves are off. Show segments include Fact or Fiction, Kook and Duke, Must See Moments and tons of thousands of kilos of weighty issues and topics. IT IS ALL discussed. And then some. We are based in SoCal but talk about the WORLD of surfing.

PODCAST: Randy Rarick

July 22, 2020 — A steward of professional surfing on the North Shore of Oahu ; no easy feat and he did so for over 45 years. Something tells me he still gets called upon for sage advise. Randy Rarick a founding patriarch of the current vintage surfboard and collectable surf market place..

PODCAST: Jonathan Wayne Freeman

May 4, 2020 –Jonathan Wayne Freeman takes everyday frustrations, everyday cultural absurdities and he tweaks them. I often find myself saying, “Yeah, he gets it, this whole Southern California surfing lifestyle thing, he gets it.” If nothing else, his shtick is relatable.

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