Celebrating its 16th year, the Boardroom (formerly Sacred Craft) highlights the surfboard manufacturing industry. A gathering of like minded enthusiasts who are drawn by an authentic love for riding waves and the crafts that move us along those waves.

  Saturday October 7

10am – Boardroom International
Surfboard Show Opens

10am – Shape-Off Icons of Foam

10am – Music Stage

11am –  Early Bird Surfboard
Winner Announced

1130 –  Judging Icons of Foam
Shape-Off Heat 1

Noon – Talk Story with Icon of Foam Honoree Bing Copeland & friends

Noon – Shape-Off Icons of Foam Heat 2

1pm – Talk Story

130 – Judging Icons of Foam Shape-Off Heat 2

2pm –  Ribbons Awarded Best In Show presented by Ziobaffa Organic Wines

2pm –  Music Stage Encinitas School of Rock

2pm – Shape-Off Icons of Foam Heat 3

330  –  Judging Icons of Foam Shape-Off Heat 3

4pm – Shape-Off Icons of Foam

4pm –  Music Stage Juvenile Seagulls

530 – Judging Icons of Foam Shape-Off

6pm –  Boardroom closes for the evening; back tomorrow at 10am!

Sunday October 8

10am – Boardroom International Surfboard Show Opens

10am – Shape-Off Icons of Foam Semi-Final Heat 1 tbd

10am – Music Stage

11am – Early Bird Surfboard Winner Announced

1130 –  Judging Icons of Foam Shape-Off

Noon – Music Stage

Noon – Shape-Off Icons of Foam

130 –  Judging Icons of Foam Shape-Off

2pm –  Music Stage

2pm –  Shape-Off Icons of Foam Finals

330  –  Judging Icons of Foam Shape-Off FINAL

4pm – Boardroom closes – see you next year!

So much more than a tool, the surfboard is the philosophical icon, a sacred craft, a culturally pervasive symbol of freedom, adventure and enduring youth. This is why the surfboard builder was once the primary arbiter of surfing culture, from those early Hawaiian kahunas to the first wave of board manufactures. Think back: Hobie, Hansen, Bing, Weber, Larkin, Noll, Jacobs, Haut, et al. These surfboard builders shaped surf culture, both literally and figuratively. It was all about the ride–what you wore came second. Since 2007 THE BOARDROOM SHOW has reasserted and maintained this philosophy. To put the surfboard — and the modern day kahunas who craft and design them — back at the forefront of surf culture. Today the international surfboard building community places surf culture, its influence, its importance, its responsibility, back in the hands of the artisans who shape our sacred craft – and ultimately our future. Please join us as we showcase builders, designers, craftsman, surfboards, essential surf equipment, gear, art, music & more.


These links are for you to explore and discover the creative people within the surfboard manufacturing and hard goods space.

Pat Rawson Surfboards US Blanks  Channel Islands Surfboards
Pyzel Surfboards  Roger Hinds Surfboards NanoPoxy Surf Systems Dark Arts Surf
Barry Snyder Surfboards CJ Nelson Designs Christenson Surfboards SANKOSPORT
PaddleAir Products Michael Takayama Surfboards Alva Surf Craft One80 Surfboards
Andreini Surfboards BING Surfboards Cooperfish Surfboards
Route One Surfboards TOMO Surfboards Slater Designs
Rob Machado Surfboards Blackbird Surfboards BING Surfboards
Hayward Bros. Surfboards Pelican Surfcraft Linden Surfboards
Thunderbolt Surfboards Anderson Surfboards Liddle Surfboards
Hobie Surfboards Bio Foam Technologies FCD Surfboards
Sharp Eye Surfboards Sunova Surfboards G&S Surfboards
Millennium Foam Wuux Surfboards Arctic Foam
Alter Ego Surfboards Hansens Surfboards Mitsven Surfboards
Lightning Bolt Surfboards Wayne Rich Surfboards Stu Kenson Surfboards
Hank Warner Surfboards Black Rose MFG Ricky Carroll Surfboards
Rusty Surfboards Foils by Kings Paddle Sports Surfer Boards by Brink
Epoxy Pro XTR Surfboards Hot Rod Surf JS Surfboards
Aryse / Ryan Sakal Surfboards Zen Surfboards INT Soft-boards
Earth Tech Surf Douglas Surf Products Harley Ingleby Designs
Maurice Cole Surfboards Varial Surf Technologies Surftech USA
Gerry Lopez Surfboards Davenport Surfboards Hank Byzak Surfboards
Paul Surf Rozbern Surfboards Trim Craft Surfboards
Lost Surfboards Iron Cross Surfboards Roy Sanchez Surfboards
Surfboards by Donald Takayama Dick Brewer Surfboards Yater Surfboards
Dewey Weber Surfboards Aipa Surfboards Wayne Lynch Surfboards
Haut Surfboards Pat Taylor Surfboards Freeline Surfboards
Rich Price Surf Designs Firewire Surfboards Ashley Lloyd Surfboards
Kazuma Surfboards Danny Hess Surfboards Josh Hall Surfboards
Ryan Burch Surfboards SurfboardsByHydrodynamica Matt Moore Surfboards
Solid Surfboards Ward Coffey Surfboards Michel Junod Surfboards
Hack Surfboards Chemistry Surfboards Nectar Surfboards
Simon Anderson Surfboards Mark Richards Surfboards Bonzer Bros
Natural Art Surfboards Whisnant Surfboards Lovelace Surf Craft
Album Surfboards Timmy Patterson Surfboards Walden Surfboards
Next Generation Surfboards Pure Glass Xanadu Surf Designs
AJW Surfboards Chilli Surfboards Fuse Tight Surf Blanks
Paragon Milling Amber Waves of Grain Paul Surf
Surf'N Show Sea of Seven Gryptalite
Weekndr Surf Co Lazy Surfer App SurfEars
Ear Pro One80Surfboards Flying Diamonds Fin Co.
Sanchez Designs Sanchez Designs Shaka Love Alter Ego Surfboards
Surf Neutral Surf Helpr Next Generation Surfboards
AU Fins Dark Arts Imperfects


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