WSL Parts with Samsung & Kelly Slater Culls His Opinion - Boardroom Show
Samsung Out As WSL Sponsor Rumor: Jeep is back but at lower dollars. Rumor: Big wave tour down to three events (Jaws, Cheap to do since crew in Hawaii, Puerto Escondido, easy and cheap, and Nazare - as the WSL gets paid to go); but all other venues are free to run own events or be part of another tour, and big wave surfers not obligated to be exclusive.
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WSL Parts with Samsung & Kelly Slater Culls His Opinion

WSL Parts with Samsung & Kelly Slater Culls His Opinion

Down The Line Podcast March 3, 2017

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Samsung Out As WSL Sponsor
Rumor: Jeep is back but at lower dollars.
Rumor: Big wave tour down to three events (Jaws, Cheap to do since crew in Hawaii, Puerto Escondido, easy and cheap, and Nazare – as the WSL gets paid to go); but all other venues are free to run own events or be part of another tour, and big wave surfers not obligated to be exclusive.

Gabby’s Without Daddy
Charles Serrano has been suspended from attending WSL from “October 2016 through April 2017,” according to a press release.

“I regret my actions in Portugal last October,” Charles Rodrigues said. “That is not the kind of person I strive to be and does not reflect the values of my family. It was an intense part of the season and I responded poorly to it. I want to apologize to the WSL, the officials and supporters of this community. This sport has given everything to my family and continues to provide a platform for the world’s best surfers. Good luck to everyone this season.”

During the 2016 MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal, Medina faced Jeremy Flores in Round 3. Had he won the exchange, the title race would’ve continued to Pipeline. But he didn’t. And John John Florence clinched his first World Title. Towards the end of the Round 3 matchup, Medina needed a wave in the 8-point range to overtake Flores, but his scores fell short – particularly one 7-point-ride, which was contentious.

It’s unclear what exactly happened after that. One things is for sure Charley Don’t Surf – at least not this year.

Owen Wright back on Tour

Last week, the 27-year-old was approved by docs and the WSL to compete in the Maitland and Port Stephens Toyota Pro in Newcastle. he won his first heat back, beating Brazilians Luel Felipe and Alan Donato and Californian Nate Yeomans in their R2 match in mediocre beachbreak surf.
It felt amazing to get back out there and compete — it was really emotional,” Wright said. “There is no doubt that this has been the hardest year of my life, a real rollercoaster ride.


Another Shark Attack at Reunion Island

A few weeks ago Around 9:30 am, a 26-year-old bodyboarder was killed while in the water at a rivermouth wave on the northeast end of the island. The spot was restricted to swimmers due to shark activity, according to the BBC. But the deceased (whose name has not been revealed) and his friends ignored the signs.

This marks the 20th attack on Reunion Island since 2011 – the eighth of which was fatal – according to the International Shark Attack File. The shark scare peaked in 2013 when officials banned surfing, swimming and bodyboarding on more than half the coastline. But in 2015, a 13-year-old surfer , 13-year-old Elio Canestri, was killed while surfing in an unmonitored area. Then in 2016, in response to the high volume of attacks, the government installed protective shark nets around portions of the coastline. But even then, a shark attacked someone by evading the barrier through a hole in the net.
Kelly Slater chimed in on this and stirred up a bit of a shit storm. Kelly suggested culling the population of sharks.

Then Slater back peddled:

I would like to address my comment about the recent bull shark attack in Reunion Island. I did not think my words through. It is easy to get emotional given the recent history with sharks that the local community has suffered, especially when young lives are lost.

However, killing anything in hopes of a solution is not in line with my philosophies about life and I don’t believe are a long term fix to an ongoing problem. This is a good time to put energy and intelligence into finding a solution that works for everyone…utilizing technology, science, and human emotion.

I know a solution can be found that works for all parties. I’ll continue to learn about and put energy towards efforts to defend and protect our oceans.’ Sincerely, Kelly Slater

A statement from his family said: “Our family do not want the death of Alex to be used to justify this or that act. Nor do we wish that one accused wild animals for the death of Alex. Alex was a great enthusiast and was fully aware of the risks he was taking.


Christophe Fontaine to the Association de Sauvegarde des requins, illustrates:

“All my friends died in a shark attack. You won. Now we are going to burn everything to the ground to avoid more young to die because of your bullshit. The Marine Reserve already got hit and if they have not understood it’s their children who we will burn. The prefect’s children too. They want to kill us. Then we will kill.

Dude, I don’t know if you understood the message. People like you allowed my friends to die eaten. Whether you get it or not, we don’t give fuck. You come here, we’ll kill you. We’ll kill your children, your family and we’ll piss on your grave and the one of your dear ones. Cause that is what you have been doing to us since the beginning.



Puerto Rico Surfing Is in Big, Big Trouble

It is assumed that the ban would require an official warning on ocean conditions as issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), but that’s only the start of this fiasco. If authorities deem conditions too dangerous (i.e. pumping), both local surfers who make their living off these conditions, as well as surfing tourists traveling to Puerto Rico specifically for these conditions, will be prohibited from paddling out. Rather than, say, a less drastic solution, such as employing more lifeguards. As of now, there are no lifeguards on the surfing beaches, other than the rock-skirted, pool-like sections of Balneario’s marked areas.

“This measure will hurt Puerto Rico’s tourism economy in a big way because some towns in Puerto Rico like Rincon, Isabela and Aguadilla generate millions of dollars a year from the surfing tourism,” longtime local surfer Jose “Pepe” Garcia pleaded on LinkedIn. “I believe that instead of hurting the tourism industry with this legislation, we should be working on ways to develop a lifeguard program that will help reduce the amount of drownings and make Puerto Rico’s beaches safe. The wheel has already been invented. Hawaii has a great lifeguard program that we can just copy and paste to the island.”
“Right now, it feels like everything we care about is falling right out of our hands,” Puerto Rican pro surfer Gaby Escudero told Surfline. “All these things are going on at the same time. They’re trying to pass laws where people can’t surf when there’s hurricanes. People can’t protest any kind of construction that’s killing plants and animals and reefs right in front of their eyes… It’s become sort of like a dictatorship, violating everything we care about, and it’s beyond political. La Junta de Supervisión Fiscal is giving all these permits away, stepping over our natural resources like they’re nothing, even in areas that are supposed to be protected by the federal government, because they just want the money to come in. Basically, every little corner in Puerto Rico that has open space, they want it, and nobody can even say anything about it. We’re fighting it, but we might all end up going to jail for doing so.”

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