The Unique Story of The Lost and Found Collection with Doug Walker - Boardroom Show
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The Unique Story of The Lost and Found Collection with Doug Walker

The Unique Story of The Lost and Found Collection with Doug Walker

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Buzzy Kerbox, Terry Fitzgerald, Reno Abellira, MR, Bert, and Shaun Thomson circa 1977- courtesy The Lost and Found Collection

March 11, 2012, San Diego California — Spring the clocks forward this morning. Wake up! Today’s show has Doug Walker from the Lost and Found Collection calling to discuss his unique story of the Lost and Found Collection (LnF). LnF is a large collection (30,000+ !) of surf photos, mostly black and white slides that Doug Walker stumbled upon at a swap meet. Not just any surf photos, iconic images of legends and legendary surf spots. Photos that must have belonged to someone we all know, but at first nobody could determine who the original photographers were. Strange in a Twilight Zone sort of way. Eventually some photographers came forward, and Doug Walker produced some insightful interviews with the photographers and surfers of that era that are based on or around some of these classic images.

Hmmm, looks like Rory or Gerry… could be Bruce Hansel or Doug Brown? courtesy The Lost and Found Collection

From the Lost and Found website:

This is an epic collection of work of some of the best surfing photographers from a period of time that shaped the sport as we know it today.

In 2007 I attended a flea market in Los Angeles and discovered several boxes containing 30,000 black & white negatives. After spending over a year organizing this amazing collection, my journey began. I set out to find the photographers as well as the surfers that were captured in these special photographs. I spent 3 years researching and interviewing legends like Aaron Chang, Dan Merkel aka “Man Mountain”, & Bob Barbour. After hearing their stories, I realized that there was something much bigger that needed to be told.

Some people say that I didn’t find it. But that it found me.

This is Lost & Found

da hui enforcing
Egos above aloha. courtesy The Lost and Found Collection

Lost and Found Collection
courtesy The Lost and Found Collection

Doug Walker – Part of what makes this story so unique is the “Buried Treasure” phenomena that has taken over American culture i.e. TV shows like Antique Roadshow, Storage Wars, American Pickers.

Please take us back to the initial find, where and when did you find these images?

Did you realize right away, or were you not sure what you had?

How much did you pay for the box of images?

After you found the images, what were the next steps in really determining what you had in your possession?

Surf photographers, especially from this era, can be, and understandably so, a protective bunch (they’ve been getting ripped off for decades). Did you receive any push back or negative vibes when you started exposing your find to the surf world?

As what you had found started to blossom, started to expose itself to you for what it really was, a collection of undeniably iconic images, how then did you determine what to do with them?

Which is your all-time favorite photo in the collection and why?

Barrel Rider Lost and Found
courtesy The Lost and Found Collection

Lost and found PT surfer
Peter Townend 1976 World Champion courtesy The Lost and Found Collection

Tell us about the Film?

Where is it playing where can people see it?

TOP 5 Stories of the WEEK:

#1) WORLD SURFING RESERVE DECLARED – Legendary world surfing champion Kelly Slater today accompanied the Governor of New South Wales, Australia, Professor Marie Bashir, at a beachfront ceremony at Manly Beach that formally dedicated the Manly-Freshwater World Surfing Reserve, the first such reserve in Australia – and the third of its type in the world.

“Australia has the world’s best beaches,” said Slater, who is the current and 11-time world surfing champion, as well as a World Surfing Reserves global ambassador. “You think of sacred as an empty beach somewhere where no one is, but then you think of the history of a place like Manly especially in the symbolic terms of surfing.” Slater posed at the ceremony with the original board that Hawaiian legend Duke Kahanamoku built and rode at Manly-Freshwater in 1914.

The four-kilometer (2.5 mile) Manly-Freshwater World Surfing Reserve joins just two other such surfing reserves in the world, namely Malibu, USA (2010) and Ericeira, Portugal (2011). “World Surfing Reserves give formal recognition to the world’s most significant surfing beaches, acknowledging their outstanding surf breaks as well as the rich surfing history and culture associated with them,” said Mayor of Manly, Councillor Jean Hay. Councillor Hay is Chair of the Manly-Freshwater World Surfing Reserve Steering Committee.

World Surfing Reserves is an international initiative based on models established by UNESCO’s World Heritage Program and National Surfing Reserve Reserves Australia to recognize and help protect outstanding surf zones and their surrounding environments, around the world. World Surfing Reserves’ board of international experts forges partnerships with local communities to select, enshrine, and help protect globally significant surf spots of universal value.

Manly-Freshwater is known as the birthplace of Australian surfing and was the very stretch of coastline where the great Hawaiian surfer and Olympian Duke Kahanamoku first demonstrated the art of board riding in Australia in 1914. The Duke came to Manly-Freshwater and carved a board out of local timber and rode the board at Freshwater beach in front of an amazed Australian crowd.

#2) 50 FOOT WAVES RIDDEN IN IRELAND; MASSIVE XXL SWELL — Mullaghmore welcomed a huge swell on Thursday (8 March 2012) thanks to a low pressure system which developed strength as it exited Nor’East USA and intensified as it sped past the Canadian Maritines and Greenland. Out in the open Altlantic it absorbed an associated low pressure system resulting in a massive wave making machine and huge waves striking Scottish and Irish shores, on the day of the March full moon.

Waves exceeding 50-feet (read 90 feet) within the system were confirmed by satellite data on Tuesday, March 7th. Mullaghmore Head in County Donegal, Ireland, was in business for big waves on Thursday. Gabe Davies, Andrew Cotton, Tom Butler, Eric Rebiere and Richie Fitzgerald were amongst the tow-teams surfing the monsters.

In the spirit of calling waves as big as they actually are: I’m calling it 90 feet.

#3) Today marks the 1st anniversary of the massive Earthquake and Tsunami that hit Fukushima Japan melting down the TEPCO Nuclear Power Plant reactor.

FROM The Atlantic
“We Are All Radioactive, a forthcoming documentary series, tells the story of one seaside community’s efforts to rebuild in the wake of the 2011 disaster. Motoyoshi, a small town and surf spot about 100 miles from Fukushima, was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami, and now it’s unclear how damaging the effects of the Fukushima meltdown could be. We Are All Radioactive is a collaboration between Lisa Katayama, a journalist, and Jason Wishnow, a filmmaker, with the support of locals, who are contributing their own footage, and viewers, who are crowd funding the film.

Katayama and Wishnow traveled to Motoyoshi twice last year to document the recovery effort, and the multifaceted story grew beyond the bounds of a feature documentary to justify doing an entire series. They plan to release each new episode as soon as it’s fully funded, launching the first episode this Sunday on the one-year anniversary of the disaster. Katayama describes the development of the series in an interview below, and explains the funding process in this pitch video. Visit the IndieGoGo page for We Are All Radioactive to support the series.”

#4) FANTASY SURFER CLUBHOUSE NEWS NOTES: Congrats to Snapper Event winner: SizzlesMo

TOP 10 from the Down The LIne Surf Talk Radio clubhouse:
1) Sizzlesmo 871

2)jimbobb 848

3) jonnyaz 842

4)Bunburysurf 815

5) Ampboardsports 805

6)SOLSON 798

7) Patch 795


=9) kdawg 790


Big Question Remains… will Kelly Slater be at the Bells Event??

Two analysis’ is ‘ es’

1) Kelly lost the Quik Pro Snapper, not a strong finish, waves were crap, he is over it, only showing up at stellar events with stellar waves so… watch the forecast for Bells. If it is solid he will be there. Why else would he be at Margaret River event? A WQS?
2) Inspired by Dane Reynolds, Kelly will not be traveling as much, bad start to the year, so Irregardless of the swell forecast he is over it, and will make a run at the world title ONLY using stellar events.

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