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Surfline does a great job. Not a good job. Surfline does a great job providing instant access to surf conditions via cams, textual insight, tide graphs, wind charts, buoy data and advisories. Their iPhone app delivers the same quality info as their award winning website –where ever and when ever I need it.

boardroom_surfline-appI’ve been driving to a meeting, out on the golf course, or eating in a restaurant, clicked open the Surfline app and am instantly up to date on conditions in the ocean. Everywhere. Pipe. Oceanside. Puerto. I like to check Mavericks a lot because I’m thinking about starting a big wave career.


There are also tons of vid clips to get you fired up, if you’re so inclined.

I could try to find something I don’t like about their app, so this gear review leans to the objective side. I can objectively state that their isn’t anything I don’t like. It’s an app, not a mountain bike.

If you care about your surfing and your time, and how those two find symmetry; you’ll absolutely love the Surfline app. Download it now.


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