Surfing News: Mavericks Contest to Run on Sat??? Who knows? Tom Curren vid at Sandspit - Boardroom Show
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Surfing News: Mavericks Contest to Run on Sat??? Who knows? Tom Curren vid at Sandspit

Surfing News: Mavericks Contest to Run on Sat??? Who knows? Tom Curren vid at Sandspit

Surfing news: Mavericks Contest to run on Sat???

Looks like Mavericks is a yellow light (although not official) by the looks of the storm/swell models, things are lining up nicely. We’ll see…

Swell model NPAC

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, err… Valentines Day. The 13th & 14th should be pretty good in California.

Check this vid below: Tom Curren at Santa Barbara’s Spot that Forcefully Ejects Sands

Here is a cool little something I found while scouring for news, remember Nicky Wood? Ubber grom Aussie surf star from the late 80s?


Nicky Wood One Last Chance

“In 1987, Nick Wood became the youngest winner of a world championship surfing event when he took out the Rip Curl Pro Bell’s Beach Easter event.

Now 23 years later, Wood is returning to the surf after securing a fairytale wildcard to the Breaka Burleigh Surf Pro, to be held from February 17-21 on the Gold Coast.

Wood was regarded as one of the most talented Australian surfers of the 70s and 80s and even at 40, has the ability to put a scare through some of the big-names signed up to compete in the event, the first stand-alone pro event to be held at Burleigh for a decade.

Wood, now a Gold Coast local, has a family history intertwined with the sport in Australia. His Godfather is surf legend and former world champion Mark Richards, who tore up the Burleigh barrels during the iconic Stubbies contests in the 70s and 80s.

He won the chance to compete at Burleigh through a competition run by Breaka milk, which has given Wood the chance to relive his surfing dream more than two decades after taking out the title at Bell’s Beach.

The Breaka Burleigh Surf Pro includes some of the biggest stars of surfing, with world champion Mick Fanning headlining the event and surf great Mark Occhilupo coming out of retirement to have a crack at the $95,000 prize pool.

Triple world champ Andy Irons will also be in action, alongside the likes of Taj Burrow, Bede Durbridge, Owen Wright, Dean Morrison, Jay Thompson, Nathan Hedge and Darren O’Rafferty.”


  • vanessa sharkey / 13 February 2011 6:01

    hey nic, glad to see your back in the comp scene again. does this mean i’ll see you at surfest? living in anna bay now. should catch up sometime. you can get me on facebook,myspace or twitter. take care.

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