Surfing News: AnnaSophia Robb Plays Bethany - Boardroom Show
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Surfing News: AnnaSophia Robb Plays Bethany

Surfing News: AnnaSophia Robb Plays Bethany

Super Bowl Sunday:

Joe from PlusONE surfboards will be on hand to discuss…stuff.. and bring me my new board!

We’ll have Adam Elder, who wrote the San Diego Magazine article on Nate Cintas and localism, on the phone to discuss.

But…first things first…classic HD footage of banker caught surfing the web for nudie shots on LIVE Aussie TV. Check out the “I’m busted” look on his face at the end.

AnnaSophia Robb
Rising Hollywood star Anna Sophia Robb wore a green sleeve on her arm, which will later be digitally removed for the movie.

Dennis Quad and Carrie Underwood become surfers for the big screen as filming for “Soul Surfer” the Bethany Hamilton story begins in Hawaii this week. Anyone who listens to DTL knows we are big fans of Bethany. She is gnar gnar. I’ve seen her paddle out into the most hideous Sunset Beach 12′-15′ with 15 knot onshore winds, closing out the channel crap / hell surf…with one arm! She is friggin’ nause.

AnnaSophia Robb plays Bethany.
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Mickey Munoz is on my all-time- coolest -top 10- best ever- classiest- humble- surf cats- ever list so I want to tell everyone about the Mickey Munoz Paddle Surf Fiesta – Mongoose Cup will be held March 13, 2010 at Baby Beach, Dana Point Harbor. This event highlights the need for SUP safety. Great idea and it makes sense that it came from Mickey!

Legends all
Can you name these three surfer/shapers?

More legendary surf craftsman….Rich Harbour
from a press release at Surfline: “A Life in Surfboard Culture is an exhibition of Rich Harbour’s life work, 50 years of surfboard shaping and surf shop operation that spans the modern era of surfing’s history. Opening February 13 and running until April 9 at the Frank M. Doyle Art Pavilion on the Orange Coast College campus in Costa Mesa, the exhibition will be one of the most ambitious presentations of surf culture ever mounted, featuring more than 40 significant surfboards and a myriad of vintage images and objects including rare photographs, vintage clothing and many of Harbour’s original shaping tools.

Rich Harbour

An opening reception Saturday February 13 from 5 to 9pm is open to the pubic offering food, refreshments and entertainment. Not only a celebration of surf shop culture, it will be a tribute to Rich Harbour – one of California’s seminal surf industry figures – and his contribution to the lifestyle.

“I consider Rich Harbour a master sculptor and engineer,” says Andrea Harris-McGee, Director of the Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion. “The exhibition will present a behind-the-scenes look into the shaping process,” says Harris-McGee. “Orange Coast College has an enrollment of more than 24,000 students most of whom live near the coast and many of whom are involved in surfing, or some other form of ocean activity. So this is an art, history and culture that have a specific, local meaning to the students and to the residents of Orange County.””

You can follow Sacred Craft Expo on twitter and Sacred Craft Expo is paying Tribute to Renny Yater, the Lone Wolf, at the Sacred Craft Expo in Ventura on April 10 & 11th. US Blanks has stepped up to sponsor the event for the next 3 years. The shapers chosen to replicate a classic Yater Spoon are Todd Proctor, Nick Pallandrini, Michel Junod, Matt Moore, Wayne Rich and Dennis Ryder. Tons of cool stuff happening at the Sacred Craft Expo including a Magical Morning surfboard demo presented by Transworld BUSINESS & TW SURF folks, so come out and try the surfboards at C Street on Sat April 10th. Also Robb Havassy is curating the gallery/chill lounge with Surf Story Project pieces. Plus Cyrus Sutton and Stephan JeremiasKorduroyTV are presenting short groovy surf movie clips in the chill lounge as well.

So much to talk about so little time.


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