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Surf Talk Radio – Tom Curren on a Tomo, Australian Open, Sonny MillerTime, Mavs Talk, Fukushima

Surf Talk Radio – Tom Curren on a Tomo, Australian Open, Sonny MillerTime, Mavs Talk, Fukushima

Sunday, Feb 19, 2012 (San Diego, Ca.) -Surf Talk Radio – Tom Curren on a Tomo, Australian Open, Sonny MillerTime, Mavs Talk, Fukushima

Tom Curren on TOMO

Surf talk radio with Jeff Baldwin and Scott Bass it is Feb 19 Sunday, 2012. Joining in studio this morning is Sonny Miller, legendary cameraman and man with many stories, Sonny Miller.

We are live every Sunday morning here in San Diego on XTRA SPORTS 1360AM and broadcast around the world via iTunes.

Adam Wright. surf report –

Sonny Miller… You are busy with the filming of the Jay Moriarty story ; what is happening at Mavericks?

TOP 5 Stories
#1 Story – Australian Open of Surfing – Big festival that brought out the crowds to Sydney’s Manly Beach.
Matt Banting (AUS) and Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) have taken out the Inaugural Australian Open of Surfing Pro presented by Hurley and Billabong at Manly beach today. The beach was packed with tens of thousands of surf fans for the final day of competition and they were treated to an exciting show with close back-and-forth battles, powerful turns and big airs as the world’s best surfers fought for the prestigious crown, precious ASP World Tour ratings points and tens of thousands of dollars prize-money.

One interesting note that I read online: Not really an “OPEN”. It is actually closed. US Open of Golf is run by USGA not the PGA.

Manly to become world surfing reserve: Kelly Slater, WSR Ambassador and 11-time world surfing champion from the USA, will officially declare the WSR honour at a civic ceremony on Saturday, March 10, 2012 at Manly Beach.

The history that Manly-Freshwater encompasses is a vital part of Australia’s heritage:
• It was the site of Australia’s first legal daylight bathing in 1902
• It hosted the first known body surfing contest in 1908
• It was the launch site of Australia’s first official surf patrol boat
• The first surf board riding was performed here in 1912
• Freshwater hosted Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku in Australia’s first ever surfing demonstration in 1914

#2 Fukushima tsunami debris field heading to the USA – Debris from the devastating tsunami that hit Japan on March 11 has turned up exactly where scientists predicted it would after months of floating across the Pacific Ocean. Finding and confirming where the debris ended up gives them a better idea of where it’s headed next.
Millions of tons of debris – pieces of fishing vessels to TV sets

Scientists estimate the debris will wash up on the Hawaiian Islands in two years and the U.S. West Coast in three.

#3 The 2012 Quiksilver Rincon Classic went off last weekend. Three-time World Champ Tom Curren, former World Tour standouts Bobby Martinez and Dane Reynolds, Parker Coffin, Adam Virs, 2011 champ Mike McCabe and a host of other local professionals were on hand for the annual contest.

This is a locals only event;

The win was Reynolds’ first contest victory in over a decade. Receiving his 1st place award at a ceremony Sunday night at the Santa Maritime Museum, Reynolds, sheepish yet laughing, explained, “This is the first contest I’ve won since 2001. That’s a long time for a professional surfer.”

TCurren beat Dane Reynolds in a early round heat, Tom Curren rode a Tomo 4′ 11′ and absolutely killed it with his amazing style.

#4 Fellow surfers, including superstar Kelly Slater, took to Twitter and other social media after Chicago surfer Rex Flodstroms Slater tweeted, “Surfing is not a crime” and told the Chicago Sun Times, “It makes no sense. … It sounds like a police state.”

Flodstrom appeared in a Chicago court Thursday, with a dozen surfing supporters.

The judge agreed to drop charges against Flodstrom if he completed 20 hours of community service before March 19. But that did not seem to satisfy the surfers, who cited Flodstrom’s arrest as an example of overprotective government.

Mitch McNeil of the Surfrider Foundation told ABC News, “It’s not in the police playbook for them to be policing the surfing community.”

#5 Down The Line Surf Talk Radio — team – join our club it is private the code to get into the clubhouse is “bassyandbaldy” lowercase -pick you team , try to better Baldy who is pro surfing expert.


  • Ziggy / 22 February 2012 5:18

    Yeah guy! I’m a northern beaches local and last week I had the privilege of taking my daughter to Manly to watch some of the AusOpen. I think even though Manly is a pretty average wave, it’s one of the best spots that they could have held the event. Manly has the right infrastructure (compared to Avalon further north where I live which has better waves, but couldn’t handle all the people!) It’s great to see contests like this and I think there’s a place for these kind of events alongside the dream tour style contests. Personally even though I’m a big surf contest fan, I didn’t watch that much of the surfing, we were more interested in the skateboarding. Anyway great show guys, I’ve been a regular listener for years!
    BTW it would be great if you could get Tom Curren on the show (like that’s ever going to happen!).

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