Surf News: September 10, 2014, Moderate El Nino Forecast - Boardroom Show
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Surf News: September 10, 2014, Moderate El Nino Forecast

Surf News: September 10, 2014, Moderate El Nino Forecast


DOWN THE LINE SURF TALK PODCAST — September 10, 2014 — surfing, surf news, surfer information, surfing industry tripe et al.
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Damien Hobgood takes the 100 Wave Challenge from Boys to Men on Vimeo.

Waves of Grain from Keith Skretch on Vimeo.

Show Topics


  • Point Break 2 the Hollywood movie is filming today in massive waves
  • Hearing through the coconut wireless that not all the locals are happy about this
  • Some locals getting paid, other locals… not so much; plus they don’t get to surf
  • Bruce Irons, Laird Hamilton, Aussies helping with stunt work and driving main actors through the lineup

  • -Attempt to ban SUPs in Hawaii IS thwarted

  • Should line-ups be segregated?
  • How can we all coexist harmoniously?

  • -Hurley Lowers Pro – Day 1 of the girls

  • Alessa Quizon is my pick for the surprise performer this year. The female Freddy P. Bigger boards, drawn out lines. Smart, articulate post-heat interview. Bianca Buitendag as well.
  • Shaun Tomson’s commentary is excellent, especially compared to Occy.

  • -Kelly Talk

  • Kelly on being a sell out and an unapologetic Andy Irons

  • Kelly also announces launch of Outer Known

  • He’s also involved responsible for Purps Health Beverage
    Is this all going to create distraction for Kelly in his title race?
    Will Kelly’s legacy be his world title wins? Or his philanthropy-based brands?

    -Taj and trainer/coach Johnny Gannon split ways.

  • What are the benefits and disadvantages to having a coach?
  • If your kid was pursuing a professional surfing career, would you want him to have a coach?
  • Webland

  • -Herbie Fletcher’s Ma’alea footage “Talking Story”

  • -Kolohe Andino Pizza Checkout Visa Commercial

  • -Drunk History: Eddie Aikau

    Must See Moment
    -Waves of Grain

    Liam Ferguson takes over ISA role
    Bob Mignogna To Remain As Senior Advisor To ISA President

  • The International Surfing Association [ISA] announced the appointment of Liam Ferguson as its new Director General with immediate effect.
  • At the same time, Bob Mignogna has resigned his position, and will remain on as a Senior Advisor to the ISA President and the organization as it pursues its Olympic ambitions.
  • Mignogna was named ISA Director General in March 2010 and was responsible for running the day-to-day operations of the organization. During his time as Director General, the ISA experienced tremendous growth in ISA events, expanded its educational programs, and ISA membership grew from 57 to 86 nations.

  • Surf Aid Cup raises $127K at Malibu event

  • Team Firewire has convincingly won the SurfAid Cup Malibu in four foot surf at the iconic pointbreak, with 12 teams raising more than $127,000 for humanitarian organization SurfAid.
  • Dr Dave & Crew won the fundraising with a record $26,665 and they picked four-time ASP women’s world champion Lisa Andersen to compete on their team. The fundraising team was SurfAid founder Dave Jenkins, Dan Trunk, Steve Hilton and Scott Bass. Every Mother/Every Child was second with $12,863 and IndoTeak Design third with $12,100.

  • HURLEY PRO Forecast From

  • Going further out, we will see a stronger, long period SW swell (220-205) for the back half of the waiting period (15th-19th) from a storm now cranking away near New Zealand. The good news is that this storm has been very impressive thus far with a large fetch of satellite recorded wind of 45-60 knots and seas of 40-45’+. The not so good news is that we will see some shadowing by Tahiti/French Polynesia, which will strip away some size and consistency.
  • We’re still looking at a good swell, however, with very long period energy (22 second+) building slowly through the day on Monday the 15th, a peak in swell on Tue/Wed the 16th-17th and then slowly easing swell on the 18th all the way through the end of the waiting period.
  • At this point we’re looking at surf running in the head high to a couple feet+ overhead range at Lowers, with some larger sets not out of the question from late Monday all the way through Wednesday. Thur/Fri will be slowly fading from earlier in the week, but still have overhead sets (especially Thursday). Stay tuned, we’ll refine this forecast further over the next few days as we track this swell through the South Pacific.
  • One other thing that we’ll want to watch out for is further activity in the tropics as some of the long range models indicate that we’ll see something flare up off of Baja later this week and this weekend. Although there is considerable uncertainty in this forecast at the moment, it does look like we could see more SE/SSE swell around the same time as the Southern Hemisphere mentioned directly above (Tue-Thur).

  • Damien Hobgood joins 100 Wave Challenge Sept 20th

  • I’m very close to my fundraising goal of $10K i need listeners to step up and help me get to the goal; every little bit helps
    got to and search for surfer Scott Bass and then donate on my page.

  • Duke: All around great guy and excellent shaper Wayne Rich who won his 50 59 age division at the MSA contest in pumping 1st point Malibu; and gave the glory to his Higher Power on the awards stage!

    Kook: The judges who apparently missed one of my waves in the final; as I had a two wave total of only 8.23 ; which frankly should have been the score for my first wave.

    MUST SEE MOMENT: Mark Sponsler’s in-depth and informative weekly video forecasts

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