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Surf News Roxy Pro Uproar : Sport or Sextacle

Surf News Roxy Pro Uproar : Sport or Sextacle

Surf News: Encinitas, Ca., July 10, 2013 – Surfing Industry Roxy Pro Ad Uproar

Roxy Pro Biarritz Teaser Trailer Ad

Uproar the last few weeks about this video in the digital realm : On The Inertia, on FBook, on message boards and forums.

Is it sexy ? Hell yes;

Is it wrong to have a sexy ad? No, I don’t think it is wrong to portray women surfers as healthy, athletic, and stylish to me and to many that equals sexy. So no not wrong to portray women surfers as they are.

Is there some obvious product placement for sponsors? Yes, nothing wrong with that; gotta pay the bills;

What is the uproar about then? No surfing in the video. No real sense of the competitive arena.; Or competitive drama.

Imagine if NBC and the US Open of Tennis showed Maria Sharipova in her lingerie rolling around, putting on a shear white shirt, then letting it fall, sensually, around her ankles. Then she hops in the shower. Then she rolls up to the tennis stadium and no one is around. Regardless, she tapes up her racket wearing only her sports bra. Why not?

Would there be uproar? Yes.

Would more people watch the US Open of Tennis? Sadly, yes, it would help ratings.

Then why don’t they do it? Why doesn’t NBS offer up a sexy, strong athletic women in her underwear, rolling around on her bed to sell the event? Because the powers that be respect the sport of tennis. It is basic respect. The act of playing tennis, the event itself, the competitive realm is held in the highest regard. Nothing should take away from that.

Respect for the Sport should be the litmus test. Does the video in any way disrespect the sport or the ASP?

The people that run tennis feel that nothing should be bigger than the competitive act of playing tennis.

And I think that is the big problem here. There seems to be an underlying lack of respect for the physical act of riding waves in the competitive realm.

I do believe there are plenty of ways you can get away with showing off athletic, healthy, powerful women surfers, it just shouldn’t be at the cost of respect for the sport. Do a reality show? Or a bikini contest? Or a pictorial in STAB. Make a Anna Kornikova calendar.

But don’t sell the sport short.

Roxy has done a hell of a lot of good for Pro surfing and for women surfing. So I don’t think they deserve to be burned at the stake here either. They’ve supported when many others wouldn’t.

So I hope you will do as I do, and watch the Roxy Pro at Biarritz, watch the women athletes rip it up. And be stoked for them. They are pursuing their dream, and Roxy has helped young women pursue that dream for many many years.

Did they make a mistake? In my humble opinion they did. But I’m willing to forgive.

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