SURF NEWS: Kelly Slater Maintains Secondary Tour is No Pipe Dream - Boardroom Show
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SURF NEWS: Kelly Slater Maintains Secondary Tour is No Pipe Dream

SURF NEWS: Kelly Slater Maintains Secondary Tour is No Pipe Dream

SURF NEWS: This week — Jodie Nelson attacks Breast Cancer, Tsunami warning sends Hawaiians scrambling to stock up on Shave Ice; and Todos Santos big waves lures the big hunters to big event; Swamis landslides endears city council to allow for special permits underneath landslides; Eco warrior James Pribram joins Down The Line in-studio!

Seth Pettersen “Baby Buddah” – This is the song we play a bit during the show.

Slater maintains secondary tour plan is no pipe dream

But nine-time world champion has no plans to take on the ASP, writes Josh Rakic in surf news.

“I don’t think that the ESPN Tour is completely a dead idea. I think there’s some kind of possibility that it could still happen in the future.”

Kelly Slater surf News
Kelly Slater surf news

And with those words from nine-time world champion Kelly Slater, it seems clear the rumours of the ”rebel” tour’s death are greatly exaggerated. But the iconic figure insists it’s no rebel tour and that if he had his way, the stalled ESPN-sanctioned tour would run as a best-of-the-best format to co-exist with the current ASP tour.

”It doesn’t have to be a rival or alternative tour to the ASP, it might be a supplementary thing,” Slater revealed to The Sun-Herald. ”The last thing I want to see is the companies or the ASP be screwed over. But I also don’t want to see the surfers screwed over. A supplementary series could work out great. It doesn’t need to decide the world champion. I think people were confused about whether that needed to be like boxing with different belts. No.”

Slater came under intense scrutiny last year after he and ESPN mooted the idea of a secondary tour, one which would feature just 16 athletes and unprecedented prizemoney, plus mainstream media coverage of a sport with a business model that has gone largely unchanged for two decades.

Unlike other international sports such as tennis and golf, surfing’s major companies not only sponsor the bulk of the tour’s athletes but are also the principle sponsors of the events – granting them almost total control of the sport.

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