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JULY 13, 2011 Surf Industry News — Hearing lots of chatter…

Dane Reynolds. He admits it, he’s Lost Interest.

1) Kelly Slater setting up a Jeter-esque type 2nd half performance; missing JBAY a no-brainer due to huge Cloudbreak but… ALSO gives the guys on tour (Adriano de Souza, Mick Fanning, Taj Burrow, Parko) a false sense of security before KS10 pulls a Slater sweep at Quiksilver Pro NYCity and Hurley LOWERS PRO. KS probably wants to own Manhattan for the week, he’s surfing’s celebrity– after all. All this sets up a climactic showdown at PIPELINE.

2) What does four years of hideous economy mean. Downsizing and a serious look at ROI. WPS surfers as well have been chiming in that they’d like to go to G-Land for an event. Sorry guys, no ROI. Be happy with North American beachbreaks. The Dream Tour is now the Lean Tour. Most of us don’t have any emotional connection to any of you. The world Tour could be trimmed to 16 and fans would be happy.

3) An industry insider is telling me to look for changes in management at Billabong USA.

4) This may be old news to some… hearing that SWATCH was ready to blanket sponsor the ASP tour but they were shut out but the Surf Industry old boy giants on the ASP board. Too much ‘timeshare’ to lose. They have watches too.

5) Dane Reynolds sells more board shorts in North America than numbers 1- 10. Except perhaps Kelly Slater. And Dane has LOST INTEREST. Over-it-itis has become marketable.

6) PUMA, Converse, Nike, – Specialty retail is screwed. My kid saw Kolohe Andino, and suggested we buy some NIKEs. We went to Sports Authority so my kid could look like Kolohe. John John Florence is a way more interesting surfer.

7) Most surfers are embarrassed or simply don’t care to wear “surf clothes.” The individuality is gone. BTW: Saw Rip Curl POP segment at Sports Authority too. Specialty retail is screwed.

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  • bob deweese / 22 July 2011 1:58

    bassy,ireally dont care if kelly surf the best waves on the planet, just dont do it when your on my fantasy team.i had kelly on and of my team 10 times, last week.i mean i was checking every available site for any kelly news i could get.i know im not the only dweeb that spends a lot of time trying to put together the best team i can to know avail,if 12 million dollars of my team, doesnt show up.nothing i can do but cry,thanks for the sypathy. bob

  • Scott / 6 August 2011 3:09

    Agatha Christie Surfer Update!

    Real quick, to answer your question, Agatha Christie included “surfing” in her book, “The Man In The Brown Suit”. The main character travels to South Africa and does a bit of surfing before continuing her investigation. Just a FYI.

    I listened to the Book on CD, on my very long trip from San Diego to Oregon. Cold, sharky water up here in the NorthWest.

  • Troy Schnyder / 11 August 2011 10:45

    Yeah Guys! Just finished listening to the PT show here in Allentown PA, yes that Allentown PA, and wanted to say how much I enjoy listening to the two of you every week. But when PT is on the show just goes mental. Thanks and please consider more episodes with PT. His insight, and history and no BS take on the industry is really refreshing. As a professional photographer having Steve Sherman on the show is awesome as well. And Scott, I would love a chance to interview you for my weekly radio show sometime. The Monday Mornings with Marlena show has been broadcast for the past 10 years on 91.7 WMUH FM Allentown PA. The Only Station That Matters. I would love to chat with you regarding the Sacred Craft and your work Between the Lines as well as a possible Best Song Ever show down. Best to you and Baldy, keep up all the great vibes.

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