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Yeah guy welcome to the SpitCast – David Scales, Scott Bass here talking surf news with you WHERE’S THE KELP? IVE BEEN ASKING THIS QUESTION FOR A FEW YEARS; Kelp forests are now 93 percent smaller ; Does Kelly Slater recuse himself from the event due to his company being the sponsor
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SPIT – The WSL – A New Paradigm

SPIT – The WSL – A New Paradigm

SPIT – MAY 23, 2017



Photo: Scott Bass



Yeah guy… welcome to SPIT.


The SpitCast – David Scales, Scott Bass here talking surf news with you





Kelp forests are now 93 percent smaller compared to previous years, creating starvation conditions for herbivores.


A series of large-scale catastrophic events recently combined into a “perfect storm” of ecological impacts that triggered dramatic shifts in the kelp forest ecosystem on the north coast.


1) a toxic algae bloom off the Sonoma coast in 2011,

2) a widespread sea star disease in 2013

3) an explosion in the sea urchin population

4) and the warm water conditions that have persisted offshore since 2014 – an El Nino by product


Bull kelp recovery may be limited even if ocean temperatures cool because kelp spores are vulnerable to intense urchin grazing, which can prevent the re-establishment of kelp beds.


Successful re-establishment of new kelp every year is critical, because bull kelp is an annual species that lives for only one year. Without successful reproduction every year, the kelp forest may be unable to grow back to its full potential.

Outerknown Fiji Pro

-Bethany Hamilton granted wildcard in the Womens Side of the draw.


-Does Kelly Slater recuse himself from the event due to his company being the sponsor?


DAVE PRODAN VP of Communications:
“No discussions that I’ve been a part of.


Under the new (as of 2013/2014) structure, event sponsors are well removed from any technical components to events – the call, judging, etc. Another way to put it is that they have zero influence or interaction with any conversation regarding when we run and when we don’t or anything to do with judging. Essentially, event sponsors have zero ability to compromise the integrity of an event.


Background on the previous structure: event sponsors (‘licensees’ in those days) still had zero interaction with judging, but they did have a Contest Director that was usually employed by the sponsor (Luke Egan for Billabong events, Damien Hardman for Rip Curl events, etc.). That Contest Director was part of a three-person committee, including the then-ASP Head Judge and the Surfer Representative, that would make the contest calls. This decision is now the sole responsibility of the Commissioner’s Office.


Optics-wise, I can see where one would ask the question. However, in practice, it’s such a non-issue that it’s understandable the conversation never came up – or, if it did, was brief.”



There are series of solid swells forecast for Fiji


Salt Creek Drama: 14-year-old surfer named London was catching too many waves and he got handled by local crew . dunked yelled at burned, the parents are saying he got the nose of a surfboard either pointed at him or jesterued toward him in an naggreessive manner.


The mom, DeeDee Almida, got involved ;called the cops ; and the whole situation blown way out of proportion; with helicopters, sheriffs code three lights and sirens the whole kit and caboodle


FroM Laylyn Connelly article in the OC Register:

“That’s when the tension started to arise, when Londons contests results were coming in,” said DeeDee Almida. “There was no reason other than jealousy.”


Others tell it a differently. London, some say, is disrespectful in the water, paddles around people to hog waves and mouths off to older surfers. DeeDee, they add, is an overzealous mom who fuels the fire when she screams at surfers on the sand.


Former pro surfer Ian Cairns, of Laguna Beach, was hired as London’s coach. He’s the first to admit that London is a “born hassler.”


Cairns said that the teen hasn’t been taught – just like hundreds of other young competitive kids – that there’s a difference between recreational and competitive surfing. –


**So one of my question is; why hasn’t Ian Cairns taught London the difference, as Londons coach, you’d think Ian Cairns would have passed on this rather fundamental and crucial knowledge? And if he has, Why hasn’t London heeded your expert advice?


“When you are in a competitive environment against your peers, take your gloves off, Cairns has told London. But when you’re in the recreational environment, you have to wait your turn and give some waves away.”


Whether or not the teen has soaked in those words is debatable.


Well-known surfers like Christian Fletcher and big-wave surfer Rusty Long chimed in on the discussions. Surf photographer Kurt Steinmetz, of Huntington Beach, said he’s seen the teenager’s bad behavior first-hand in the water at amateur surf contests.


“It’s one thing to go out and be aggressive and catch waves. All the kids are like that. But when you go out and blatantly burn people, you’re not going to get a good reception,” he said. “They think they are the victims. In a nutshell, there’s absolutely no respect.”


For DeeDee Almida, the May 1 incident at Salt Creek was a breaking point. She said a man in the water put his hands on London and “assaulted London with the nose of his surfboard.”  .


“I had no choice but to call the police,” she said. “What is a mom to do? I will not tolerate hands on, for whatever reason. That’s not part of my social structure. You’re not going to come around and wrangle my kids.”


According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department records, the call was reported as “assault with a deadly weapon.” No arrests were made.


Earlier this week, a gesture was made with hopes of squashing the surf squabbles.

London’s father issued an apology via social media, posted by Cairns, stating they were dropping any legal recourse surrounding the Salt Creek incident. He also said the issues surrounding his family have caused him to take a look in the mirror. London is a good kid with no negative intentions and he will be working hard to show this by his actions and engagement with others, he wrote.


“While I respectfully disagree with the idea that bullying is ever justified or that violence is merited as a response to “disrespect” or misbehavior, I can appreciate that others have a different view,” the statement reads. “It has been very hard to hear this negative feedback and I have run through the gamut of responses from defensive to anger to righteous indignation and finally to resolution that this must be made right.”


— London and his crazy rich parents were in Hanalei for a while. The mother has problems and the kid thinks that everything is his. The Local kids ran him out. You know how Hawaii is sometimes – From Hanalei local I know.


Turns out the Almidas made their riches from internet gambling patents connected to the DeeDee Almidas father and brother; at one point they sold licencsing right to some of these patents to a large pornography site. All of this comes from Las Vegas Sun newspaper articles and basic internet searches.

KOOK: Parents of London –

MJO Junkie on the Surfermag forums summed it up best and I’ll read his take: “It’s apparent these parents want to buy their kids into ability and attempt to shortcut the hard work it takes physically and emotionally to succeed. Has has never worked. Will never work.


What does work is Long hard hours and years of practice + gift of athletic ability + emotional intelligence taught by parents – this can help to move mountains…but the #1 thing I am seeing is the bringing up of kids to be grateful, thankful, humble, respectful and with a good attitude will allow them to prosper and move forward to places they dreamed or never dreamed of.

A kid with good skills or ability with a horrible parent (we all know them) will fail miserably at all things and have a better chance at becoming an emotional basket case because of the parent.

Very few kids with parents like that will succeed in spite of the parent.

Many will succeed because of the parents teaching them social and emotional intelligence skills.

London’s parents have become fabulously wealthy off of peoples demise into a dead end world of gambling. – and now there moral compass steered them into seeling into pornographic websites. I do not begrudge them of their fathers inventions and success but they have barfed up the worst of it. Complete folly and foolishness. It’s very obvious and they have actually made humanity worse because of it. – MJOJunkie Surfermag.com



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