Shane Herring on - Boardroom Show
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Shane Herring on –

Shane Herring on –

surf news, surf industry, InnerView with Shane Herring.

Somewhat interesting. More Sad.

Shane Herring. A character straight out of Milius’ “Big Wednesday” – ‘ranga beard and all. In ’91, the great Aussie hope… slugging hits from a brown paper bag, cancer sticks, and spitting out non-sequitors. There is a very special person in there with tons more potential to help young surfers, young people. Is that all he has? That cliche of brown bag and cigarettes. Really? That’s it?

Shane Herring – InnerViews from on Vimeo.


  • Ziggy / 22 August 2011 7:47

    What’s up boys? What’s happened to this weeks show / podcast. Missing my fix down here in Avalon NSW!

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