San Diego Surf Film Festival - Boardroom Show
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San Diego Surf Film Festival

San Diego Surf Film Festival

May 12, 2012 — — Down The Line Surf Talk Radio with Bassy n Baldy on XTRA SPORTS 1360AM in San Diego; on iTunes podcast (Google it).

Contact us @sacredcraftexpo @jeffbaldy call the show 858.570.1360

We are broadcasting Saturday night 7-9pm May 12 from the San Diego Surf Film Festival at Birds Surf Shed again — from 7-9pm Saturday May 12, that show will be broadcast on Sunday May 13. Come out say hello, but more importantly watch the great surf films on offer at the San Diego Surf Film Festival.

The inaugural San Diego Surf Film Festival welcomes one and all to celebrate the passion that we all share for just being in the ocean. Since Bruce Brown sent shockwaves throughout the world with “Endless Summer” the surf film has become a staple in our lives. Surfing and surf cinema alike have been developed by individuals with a deep passion for trying to capture and preserve the very special feeling of just being a surfer.

Come on down to the film fest at Birds Surf Shed 10191 W Morena Blvd. All Sunday May 13 Films will be showing for more info & tickets — go to the website.

•Set 4, 7:00-8:30pm: THIRTY THOUSAND W/ MARGAUX, TAKE 5
•10:30pm-2:00am: After Party @ Shaper Studios (Must show ticket or Nautilus Pass)


•11:00am-1:00pm: Shaping Demo/ Live Art/ Filmmakers Panel
•Set 8, 4:00-5:15pm: PROMISED LAND W/ SANDED
•Set 9, 5:30-6:45pm: THE WOMAN & THE WAVES W/ SO IT GOES, BY THE WAY
•10:30-11:00PM: Awards Announced


Segment Sponsor Quiksilver Waterman Collection is presenting next years’ Surfing Heritage Vintage Surf Auction presented by Quiksilver Waterman Collection which takes place May 11, 2013 in the brand new state-of-the-art building at the OC Fairgrounds called The HANGAR. Quiksilver Waterman Collection and their brand ambassadors on twitter Mark Healey @healeysurf , Shayne McIntyre @ShayneMcIntyre, Jamie Mitchell, Peter Mel @peter_mel, Mel Pu’u: Robby Naish;

Top 5 Stories:

1) Junior Seau surfer, football icon, local legend, lifetime Oceanside resident RIP JUNIOR #tenacious55 – Junior was the man! He also came to our surfboard show at the DM Fairgrounds the year we honored Dick Brewer. Junior came with another legend Donald Takayama.
I’m a fan of personal responsibility. Football is a vicious, physical, violent game that causes injury. Everyone who plays the sport form PopWarner pee wee league all theway to the top, everyone knows this. If you have a problem with that or the possible lingering side-effects of participating in a vicious, physical, violent game, then do not play. Do not cash the checks. Is Pro Football going away. No. Free market. Pro Football will always be with us. Gladiators in a pit with spectators watching them get hurt or killed. This form of interaction has been a part of culture since before the Roman Empire. Not saying it is right or wrong, just saying it is human nature to watch this stuff. We haven’t evolved enough yet. Look at pro boxing, grossly mis-managed. So MMA took over. Violence, different form. More violent. Let’s say the NFL dies off due to over-regulation by its Commissioner or congress, a new form of football will take it’s place, Why? Because there is a market for it. It’ll be more violent and it’ll be black market offering. It will eventually make enough money that the powers of our society cannot ignore it. The same way cage fighting turned into a legitimate sport — MMA. There is money in it.

2) Surf Forecast: The water temps are warming up close to 65 degrees, south swell in the water the surf forecast for the coming week is solid south swell Monday thru Wednesday.
Sunday starts small supposed to increase through out the day form the SSWest 185 too steep; to 200 degree, SD can pull in a 200 degree south swell. NWest wind-swell all gone, only SSW swell on Sunday.
Expect surf at the S facing breaks (La Jolla North County & Trestles to push into the head high range by the afternoon and on into the evening. Look for more closed out lefts and increasing current at the S facing beaches that don’t have some sort of feature i.e pier, jetty, headland, or reef to break up the swell.
Monday – (The new SSW swell peaks while more southern hemi energy holds in the background along with some steep short-period NW windswell).

Average S facing spots will be in the inconsistent chest-shoulder high range with some rare head high sets on the best part of the tide swing. The standout S facing breaks in OC and parts of SD, will be more consistently in the chest-head high range with overhead sets showing on the good tides. A few of the breaks that really like to focus the S swell have potential to be a little bigger, but don’t expect a ton more size except on very inconsistent sets. Winds/Weather: Overcast skies and light S-SSE winds will be on tap for the morning…with bit of N wind around Point Conception. Look for a slight eddy to form up through the morning adding some texture to the more exposed S facing spots (stupid wind). The wind switches onshore midmorning-lunchtime and will eventually push in out of the NW around 10-15 knots by the afternoon, chunking up the spots that escaped the bump in the morning. Swell begins to slowly fade Tuesday into Wed. With smaller reinforcing SW energy keeping us in knee high waves throughout the week.

3) Billabong Pro Rio – I watched a little bit of it, but basically I’m not too interested in early round heats in small beach break. As a fan, I want to see the best surfing in really good waves. Same way with golf, do I watch Thursday 1st round coverage of the greater Milwaukee open? No, I do not. Do I watch Thursday coverage of the Masters, yes I do. The greatest in the greatest arenas. That’s what interests us. Will I watch the quarter finals thru the finals? Maybe. If the waves are good, and I happen to be in front of my computer. Perhaps.

3) Terry Martin RIP Over 80K hand shaped boards.

4) Santa Cruz Surfer Dies surfing at Chipehua at Salina Cruz – The world is down another husband and father, another surfer and son, friend to many.
Robert J. Soman, “John”, passed away while surfing a remote point in Mexico on May 2, 2012. He left us doing what he loved the most, at a spot he talked about most every day of the year.For those who had the privilege of knowing John, we are planning our paddle out on 5/19 so that we do not conflict with Mother’s Day. The paddle out is planned for 11:00 AM 5/19 at 4-Mile Beach just north of Santa Cruz.

5) “Surf” composer and SDSU professor of music Joseph Waters was commissioned by Orchestra Nova to create a piece about Southern California. Inspired by the central role that surfing plays in the Southern Californian lifestyle, he composed a double concerto, which he describes as his “wild ride for orchestra and two soloists”, in a recent interview with U-T San Diego. “Surf” features soloists Lindsay Deutsch (violin) and Todd Rewoldt (saxophone), who will perform with Orchestra Nova this Friday, Saturday and Monday.

Waters tells the U-T San Diego: “Like much of my recent work, ‘Surf’ has one foot in classical and the other in rock. Doing a rock piece for orchestra can be an extremely cheesy affair—destroying the rawness of rock & the nuance of classical and leaving one with a saccharine hangover. But my underlying intention was to create a work that draws from folk influences and infuses them with additional layers, in the tradition of Mahler. It took a lot of work but I am proud of this piece—and to get it right I recomposed it over 230 times, until it finally passed muster with the conductor.” (Read more about what inspired Waters to compose “Surf”.)

KPBS Midday Edition speaks with Waters and Jung-Ho Pak, artistic director and conductor of Orchestra Nova, about the green concert series and composing a musical ode to SoCal’s surfing culture.

6) The Boardroom International Surfboard Show – Oct 6 & 7 Del Mar Fairgrounds

Hi Performance Center
Best of Show
Art I Zen
Vintage Swap Meet
Primo Lounge
Quivers Lounge
Billabong Art of Shape 805 Edition
Live music
Skate Zone


  • Brian Mogel / 25 July 2012 6:51

    Bassy, Baldy, whats up boys. I’m a fan of the show. I live up here in Humboldt so don’t get to listen to the show on the radio or live, so I usually just download on Itunes. For some reason the show has not been on Itunes for the past three weeks. Is it my computer or is the show still on itunes? Amj I doing something wrong? Anyways guys, I hope to be able to enjoy you show again soon. Thanks, Brian

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