Roger Hinds Victorious in 2015 - Boardroom Show
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Roger Hinds Victorious in 2015

Roger Hinds Victorious in 2015

Del Mar, Ca., (May 18, 2015) — — Roger Hinds took top honors this weekend in the Icons of Foam shaping tribute honoring legendary shaper Rusty Preisendorfer presented by US Blanks. Hinds bested fellow craftsman Tim Stamps, Chris Christenson, Stu Kenson, Ward Coffey, & Dave Parmenter. In 2014 Hinds won the Boardroom’s Icons of Foam competition honoring Ben Aipa presented by US Blanks. On his two-peat performance, Hinds said, “


“All these shapers did a fantastic job,” said honoree Preisendorfer. “There were some subtle yet definitive design characteristics in this board particularly in the back half (Rusty 1984 “Occy” model). I’m honored and inspired by their efforts. ”


“I’m really proud & humbled for back to back wins against such great shapers & honoring Rusty Preisendorfer,” said winner Roger Hinds. “Looking forward to next year!”


Saturday and Sunday were packed as over 5000 surfers poured through Del Mar’s Wyland Hall to meet shapers, designers, manufacturers and generally stoke-out on all the incredible surfboards, wetsuits, board shorts, hard goods, exhibits and events. Legends, pros and bros mingled and the list of notable surfers, shapers and VIPs included 3x World Champion Tom Curren, 2000 World Champion Sunny Garcia, Pipeline Master Rob Machado, Eddie Aikau champion Greg Long, Maurice Cole, Randy Rarick, Wingnut, Ryan Burch, Ricky Whitlock, Tony Alva, Jeff Ho, Joel Tudor, Carl Ekstrom, Reno Abellira, Tom Morey and many others.




The Ultimate Craftsman Project presented by VISSLA challenged four craftsmen to build a unique board from start to finish. By one tenth of a point Gene Cooper narrowly captured victory over Roger Hinds. Cooper built an 11’4” chambered C2 gun modeled after the Dick Brewer Buzzy Trent elephant gun.


In another shaping bay female shapers Valerie Duprat, Windy Wind, Christine Brailsford-Caro, and Kelly Connelly proved that mowing foam isn’t just for guys and skillfully shaped channels into her surfboard. Each crafted gorgeous surfboards with Windy also glassing her board in the RevChem Composites glassing area. Duprat gave her finished board to a lucky spectator. Brailsford-Caro’s husband Manny handled the microphone and provided an informative narration of her techniques.


A 5’ 11’ Maurice Cole shaped Dingo model shaped using Marko recycled EPS foam core, glassed with Connora recyclable resin was awarded BEST IN SHOW in the Entropy Resins & Marko Foam Sustainable Surf Best In Show. The same board also topped the Best Modern Performance category. Best Sustainable Advancement was won by Arctic Foam’s algae based polyurethane blank glassed with Green Room bio-resin. Best Traditional Material category was awarded to Gary Linden’s Cuervo Agave shortboard made with 100% agave plant material including the core, the resin, and the cloth.


A crowd of attendees up for a morning session enjoyed a demo morning Sunday at 15th Street in Del Mar with test drives offered up by Firewire, Colt Surfboards, Wax Surf Co., Tomo, Martin Shapes, Surfboards by Donald Brink and Futures Fins.

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