PT Talks About MP ; San Diego Surf Film Festival - Boardroom Show
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PT Talks About MP ; San Diego Surf Film Festival

PT Talks About MP ; San Diego Surf Film Festival

April 1, 2012, San Diego, Ca. — — Down the Line – Surf Talk Radio with Bassy n Baldy on XTRA SPORTS 1360AM in San Diego; on iTunes podcast (Google it).

SHOW NOTES: 1976 World Champion and friend of the show, Peter “PT” Townend calls in to discuss the great Michael Peterson MP. Then, we talk all about the upcoming San Diego Surf Film Festival with founder Pierce Michael Kavanaugh

Contact us @surfboardexpo @jeffbaldy call the show 858.570.1360

Show Notes:
Segment 1 sponsor brought to you by Quiksilver Waterman Collection and their brand ambassadors on twitter Mark Healey @healeysurf , Shayne McIntyre @ShayneMcIntyre , Jamie Mitchell, Peter Mel @peter_mel, Mel Pu’u: Robby Naish; Quiksilver Waterman Collection is presenting next years’ Surfing Heritage Vintage Surf Auction presented by Quiksilver Waterman Collection which takes place May 11, 2013 in the brand new state-of-the-art building at the OC Fairgrounds called The HANGAR.

Watch this great MP video clip put together by Encyclopedia of Surfing.

Pyrotechnic Australian regular-footer from Queensland’s Gold Coast; winner of the Australian National Titles in 1972 and 1974; regarded by many as the world’s most advanced high-performance surfer during he mid-70′s. Peterson was born in 1953 and raised in the Gold Coast town of Kirra, and brought up by a single mother who ran a local pool hall. He began surfing at age 11, dropped out of school at 16, and the following year competed in the juniors division, won the 1970 Bells Beach event and placed third in the 1970 Australian National Titles. Peterson was by then regularly surfing the bullet-fast point waves of Kirra and Burleigh Heads with local teenagers Wayne Bartholomew and Peter Townend, both of whom would win world pro titles before the end of the decade. Peterson won the first of three Queensland state titles in 1971; in 1972 he won the first of two national titles; in 1973 he won the first of three consecutive Bells Beach men’s division titles; in 1974 he won the debut Coca-Cola Surfabout, the richest pro contest ever held up to that point, earning $3000 for the victory.

Michael Peterson with PT:
Michael Peterson how close were you with him, what was your relationship like through the years… friends, foes, competitors?
How did your relationship change through the years?
In the early 70s he was considered the best, what made him so great? As a free surfer and/or a competitor?
I often see him as Australia’s Miki Dora, a dark knight type character, is that a realistic portrayal, or too simple?
His funeral, how big of a deal will it be in Australia — from a national media coverage standpoint?

Surf Report with Adam Wright from

Segment 2:
San Diego Surf Film Festival with founder Pierce Michael Kavanaugh

Top 5 Stories:
1) Bells Beach starts Monday afternoon. The world’s best surfers are descending upon the Australian state of Victoria for the second stop on the 2012 ASP World Championship Tour season, the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach presented by Ford Ranger, to be held from April 3 – 14, 2012.

Event No. 2 of 10 on the 2012 ASP World Championship Tour, the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach will reignite the explosive hunt for the 2012 ASP World title which kicked off in late February on Australia’s Gold Coast, and if the swell forecasts prove accurate, Bells Beach is poised to turn on some classic conditions for the world’s best surfers.

Will Slater show up?

Plenty of MP tributes; solid swell but variable winds; April fools jokes include: Shaun White gets a wild card’ and Matty Wilkinson fails drug test;

2) Mike Prickett Update ; “UCSD Hillcrest Hospital now and hopefully we will know in the next day or two what his status is, what kind of recovery he can expect to make, how long that recovery will take, and when he will be able to return home to Hawaii.”

Bank of Hawaii: “Pray For Prickett” account.

3) Sunshine Coast competitor Matthew Barclay, 14, last week became the third casualty in 16 years at the same event — Australian surf championships- – National Lifesaving Club Competition, calling safety standards into question. There are two governing bodies the SLSA and Australian Professional Ocean Lifeguard Association (APOLA) and the SLSA doesn’t let the professionals (APOLA) have say in how things are run. Politics and power stonewalling progress and common sense. Sad irony that a kid can die at a lifesaving competition. Can you imagine if that happened in the United States? It would only happen once I canteel you that, not three times. Lawsuits and embarrassment would put an end to it.

4) In the all-important Billabong XXL Ride of the Year category, there are five very different waves in contention, all ridden in very different regions around the planet. In consideration for the $50,000 winner’s prize are a pair of Southern Californians: Nathan Fletcher for his earth-shattering barrel at Teahupoo, Tahiti and Greg Long for his paddle-in tube at Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Two Australians are also represented, including Ryan Hipwood for his long, spitting pipe of a wave at Cloudbreak, Fiji and upstart Jeff Rowley for a hair-raising late paddle drop and pocket ride at Jaws on Maui (a spot generally believed to be a tow-surfing-only location prior to the last two winters). Rounding out the five is the lone Hawaiian, Garrett McNamara, for his plunge into a massive face off the coast of Portugal, a feat that earned the big wave veteran global headlines in November.

A video summary of all five Ride of the Year Nominees assembled into a single clip may be viewed or embedded via this YouTube link:

5) Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo is Oct 6 & 7 Del Mar Fairgrounds ; honoring 4x World Champion Mark Richards MR; the last pro surfer to shape his own boards and win a world title!

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