Oct 30 Surf Talk Radio Show - Interview JOE TURPEL ASP Commentator - Discuss - Boardroom Show
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Oct 30 Surf Talk Radio Show – Interview JOE TURPEL ASP Commentator – Discuss

Oct 30 Surf Talk Radio Show – Interview JOE TURPEL ASP Commentator – Discuss

Oct 30 … surf news, surfing industry news, surf talk radio

Audio from Oct 30 Down The Line Surf Talk Radio

Some questions for Joe Turpel:

Who exactly do you work for? The ASP or event sponsors?

Where did you learn to surf?

How did you get involved with ASP webcasting? Broadcasting school?

Is the tour a tight knit circle? Do you eat dinner with the pros? Are there some that are your buds?

Bobby Martinez, have we seen the last of Bobby competing at ASP events?

Dane Reynolds, has the asp fined him enough ? Can he just pay the fines and pick and choose which events he surfs? Does he need to prove himself at Pipe or can he, because of his obvious greatness, get around Hawaii as a proving ground?

Is he cheating his fans? Does he owe us?

San Fran … The Search. Your take… no jet ski assist? Unique situation for the pros? Gabe Medina, weighs about a buck thirty, will some pros not make it out?

Who is your immediate boss?

Production meetings, they tell you what you can and cannot say?

who is the smartest pro on tour?


Australian charger Mark Mathews (above) and his cohorts Ryan Hipwood, Richie Vas and Laurie Towner are the world’s leading slab hunters, and according to Paul, “they’re among the craziest surfers alive, and talented too, which is a scary combination. Photographer Tim Bonython stays busy just trying to keep up with them. After a mind-boggling day in Tasmania earlier this year, the boys were walking tall having conquered the ferocious Shipstern’s Bluff with a handful of historic rides. But last week they met a new foe over in Western Australia, and it’s safe to say this one got the better of them. This following is what happened as they tried to take on a wave known only as: The Right.

TOP 5 Stories This Week Oct 30 2011
#1 A Monterey man suffered multiple injuries Saturday morning when he was attacked by a shark while surfing at Marina State Beach.

Eric Tarantino, 27, was bitten on the neck and right forearm by a shark that took a 19-inch chunk from his red surfboard. The attack occurred shortly after 7 a.m., about 10 minutes after he and a friend, Brandon McKibben of Salinas, had entered the water.

With help from McKibben, Tarantino managed to get out of the water, then climbed to the parking lot on his own power, where a half-dozen or more fellow surfers used beach towels to apply a tourniquet to his arm and staunch the bleeding from his neck.

Paramedics arrived just minutes later and treated Tarantino at the scene before transporting him to Marina Municipal Airport, from which he was airlifted to San Jose Regional Medical Center.

Dana M. Jones, Monterey Sector Superintendent for the California Department of Parks and Recreation, said his injuries did not appear to be life threatening.

Jones said signs will be posted along beaches from Fort Ord to Moss Landing advising of shark danger, recommending that beach-goers refrain from any water activities over the next seven days. The sand portion of the beaches will remain open, and the the waters will be observed in the coming days for additional shark activity, Jones said.

#2 Will Vans make Dane compete in the Triple Crown?
We know he doesn’t care … so why should Vans? Besides the contract and all that… And can Dane’s case of over-it-itis extend to Hawaii, where, according to all we believe in as consumers of Western surf culture, you must prove yourself… or has Dane trumped even the Holy Grail of surf culture, “to achieve greatness, you must prove it in Hawaii.”

C’mon, you know Dane doesn’t want to wallow around in the burdensome ego-filled front yards of the washed up, scrapping for ego-points (way worse than contest points) and having his Coors light spiked with urine flavored energy drink when he could be exploring Western Saharan right points and learning Berber via Rosetta Stone & MacBook! Pending HD space, of course.

#3 Kerr Ignites Waddell Creek at ASP PRIME O’Neill Cold Water Classic California
The ASP PRIME O’Neill Cold Water Classic California utilized both the primary venue of Steamer Lane and the backup location of Waddell Creek today to complete both the Round of 24 and the three-man non-elimination Round of 12.

Josh Kerr (AUS), 27, who posted the highest scores of yesterday’s competition, returned to form today at Waddell creek and took to the air on his backhand to net the day’s highest scores including a 16.77 (out of 20) heat total to advance through to the Quarterfinals.

#4 The 14-day holding period of the $85,000 HIC PRO, presented by Vans, opens today at Sunset Beach. Organizers have elected to call a lay day today in preparation for a solid new swell that is forecast for Monday and Tuesday.

The HIC PRO is a 4-Star ASP men’s event that will decide the 2011 ASP Hawaii regional champion and reward him with one highly coveted berth into the first two events of the Vans Triple Crown, presented by Rockstar Energy Drink, Nov.12-Dec.20. The HIC PRO requires three full days of competition to crown a champion.

“It looks like we’ve got great swell on tap for Monday and Tuesday – somewhere in the range of 8-12 feet,” said Event Director Marty Thomas. “We will continue to assess the surf each morning from today, but at this stage Monday looks like the most probable start.

#5 With thirty-six of the word’s best surfers descending on the north stretch of Ocean Beach for the Rip Curl Pro Search surf contest—the first major San Francisco surf contest—the City becomes the unlikely focal point of the professional surfing industry Nov. 1-12.

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