Nicaragua Trip Breakdown; Pro Surfer Page Hareb Dons Boxing Gloves plus Top 5 Stories - Boardroom Show
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Nicaragua Trip Breakdown; Pro Surfer Page Hareb Dons Boxing Gloves plus Top 5 Stories

Nicaragua Trip Breakdown; Pro Surfer Page Hareb Dons Boxing Gloves plus Top 5 Stories

March 25, 2012, San Diego, Ca. — — Down the Line – Surf Talk Radio with Bassy n Baldy.
Contact us @surfboardexpo @jeffbaldy call the show 858.570.1360

Pro surfer Page Hareb in boxing match shows tons of MOXY! She will fight again. (see Top 5 Stories)


Show Notes:
Segment 1 sponsor brought to you by Quiksilver Waterman Collection and their brand ambassadors on twitter Mark Healey @healeysurf , Shayne McIntyre @ShayneMcIntyre , Jamie Mitchell, Peter Mel @peter_mel, Mel Pu’u: Robby Naish; Quiksilver Waterman Collection is presenting next years’ Surfing Heritage Vintage Surf Auction presented by Quiksilver Waterman Collection which takes place June 1, 2013 in the brand new state-of-the-art building at the OC Fairgrounds called The HANGAR.

Surf Report with Adam Wright from – all eyes on  Southern Hemi swell developing now — the HYPE officially begins now —  that should produce some very solid Central American surf sizes. So or Costa Rica or wherever your heart desires to take you, warm water, head high ++ swell on the way for the end of the month. Should produce some shoulder to head high waves in San Diego and a little bigger in the Trestles area.

When is our water going to warm up?
Email #1: Hey Guys, I’m Sizzlesmo. (our Fantasy Surfer clubhouse  -Down The Line Surf Talk Radio – winner from the Quiksilver Snapper event #1) Thanks for the shout out on March 11th Podcast, too funny.  I played it for all my friends, they pissed themselves. A signed bar of wax, epic.   My mailing address is below.

Gloucester, MA 01930 Love the show guys, thanks for doing what you do

-Chad  PS attaching a pic of my home break during a Nor Easter this past winter (felt it was necessary since you now know I’m from the Northeast J)

Sizzlesmo: Chad’s home-break in Massachusetts

Email 2:  You guys were kind of on a professional surfer / contest binge so it was great to hear about other aspects of our culture.  Doug Walker’s  “Lost and Found” story has so many fascinating dimensions to it.  You guys did an amazing job guiding us through.

This year is the second that the WSA is including a Challenged Athlete division in every one of their contests, including the West Coast Championships at Lower Trestles.

I think your listeners might find it interesting to consider their own perspectives on wave riding when taken in context of what “we” experience in the lineup.  For example, it kind of stings me every time you bash SUPs because despite 20 years of surfing now that I’ve lost the strength to paddle a regular surfboard SUPs are the only way I can still ride waves upright.  A lot of the other “disabled” surfers I know are stoked just to be able to glide on any wave on any equipment that makes that possible.  Contrast that to some surfer whining about their board not being right or the conditions aren’t ideal…
I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a more surf stoked group of people happily riding a more diverse range of equipment with such divergent styles and despite such a high price of admission to the waves.
Thanks.Ryan Levinson
Response: I’m NOT anti-SUP. I’m anti- IDIOT. While there are an equal number of idiots on prone and SUP boards, the nature and characteristics of SUP boards allow the idiot quotient to rise exponentially relative to prone idiots. For the record, I am both a prone idiot and SUP idiot (on occasion).

Email #3: Hey, you guys covered the year anniversary of the Fukushima meltdown but didn’t segway into the San O closure.

Trestles glows in the dark! Regards, Francisco Cuerva


NEED YOUR HELP: Wounded Warrior West Swim and Surf Donation Drive — Please if you can donate $10 $20 $30 or $3000 ! I’m trying to get them 10 new softboards up at the Hope and Care Center on Camp Pendleton. These warriors come home – still active duty with prosthetics and the hard surfboards get dinged up; plus the wax get stuck in the prosthetic. So softboards are the answer. Help out if you can please!!!!


I no like. Not so nice. Kazakhstan is furious over the playing of the spoof national anthem from the comedy Borat during a real-life international sporting event, calling it “a scandal” and demanded an investigation. Maria Dmitrienko of Kazakhstan won a gold medal at the Arab Shooting Championships in Kuwait on Thursday, but during the award ceremony the spoof anthem from the 2006 movie starring Sacha Baron Cohen was played instead of the real anthem. Tournament organizers are believed to have downloaded the wrong version from the Internet.

A Day with Dan Merkel 3.8.12 from Corduroy Films on Vimeo.

Watch this cool clip from Doug Walker’s LOST AND FOUND Collection.


Segment 2
Nicaragua Trip – My boards didn’t make it until the final day I was there. I rented boards the whole time.

Accommodations: Super nice accommodations from Nicaragua Surf Report .com. I stayed in a 1 bedroom deluxe condo with all the amenities for $115/night. Included bikes with surf racks, pool, internet ($5/day). Cook my own food. I spent $70 on food for the week. I watched movies, and I did some work too.

Waves: The swell never really materialized. I got there and it was 2-3′; then it dropped, then the swell did arrive for one day but it wasn’t big enough to dampen the crowd. A little wally, there were corners, and the wind was quartering from the southeast too much. And the wind was STRONG, MUY FUERTE… Which caused upwelling so the water dipped to 65 degrees. Swell died in one day. Surf wise… I didn’t time it right.

Punta Colorados – Steep hollow fast beach break with corners. Better when it’s big cause it thins out the crowd. Kooky crowd.

Panga Drops – Tricky reef spot that has rippable cutback sections. Rights and lefts.

Other – This local guy took me to a spot with a  rivermouth and a left point. That was fun. My best session, no crowds, way more adventureous.

Golf course is great. Super nice 18 holes.


Top 5 stories

#1 Mike Prickett – friend of everybody and award winning water cinematographer – suffers paralysis after saving the life of another diver.

FROM ESPN: Cinematographer Mike Prickett still sits in a hyperbaric chamber, suffering from a paralyzing case of decompression sickness. But after spending more than six hours a day in “the pot,” as Indies Trader captain Martin Daly refers to it on Prickett’s Facebook wall, things seem to be improving.

“He has regained some sensation and minor movement in his legs. Definitely not in his feet yet, but he’s got the spirit of a giant, so if anyone’s going to recover from this, you can bet Mike will,” reports Jodi Wilmott, who released the first official statement about Prickett on Mar. 20 and has been in contact with him since.

Coming to the aid of a diver in distress while on a commercial shoot in Tahiti, in an act that can only be described as utterly and purely heroic, Prickett dove 220 feet down to retrieve the diver, and then gave him the remains of his air supply as they made their way back to the surface. He subsequently got “the bends” and was paralyzed from the chest down.

News about Prickett spread like wildfire throughout the various social media channels, and the outpouring of support has been enormous. At one time or another it’s safe to say that every notable in professional surfing has passed before his well trained lens. Among a multitude of other projects, Prickett was the director of photography for the Emmy-nominated 2007 ESPN release “Down the Barrel.”

“We have a benefit at Surfer, The Bar next Wednesday, Mar. 28, 6:00pm to late,” added Wilmott. “Live music, auction, a good North Shore get-together for the surf community to hopefully help cover some of Mike’s medical expenses.”

For more you can find Surfer, The Bar on Facebook or go to

#2 SURFERS Heroes in Florida shark attack
Letter to the Editor – paraphrased: “My daughter was tugged twice off of her board by the shark, these two men surfing nearby immediately came to our aid — performing the true act of heroism.

Being in water over our heads with a clearly agitated animal, we could not simply run to the shore. These surf angels put their own comfort and well-being aside and paddled straight out to flank us with their boards, creating a flotilla of four. They spoke with calm reassurance and assisted my injured daughter from my surfboard onto hers for the paddle back to shore.
Yes, it was horrifying. But God must have been working in the hearts of the two men who shielded us from further harm, leaving our daughter with a lasting positive vision of their calm faces, words of constant encouragement, swift purposeful actions, and absolutely no contempt for the shark behaving normally in its environment.

The wonderful sport of surfing carries its risks, rewards, and some amazing heroes. We thank our heroes.”

#3 Paige Hareb will box on for her surfing career.
The World-Tour surfer and Fight for Life cult hero has confirmed she will follow in Sonny Bill Williams’ footsteps and juggle two sports, with a career on the waves and in the ring to help fund her bid to become the first Kiwi to win the world women’s surfing crown.

Hareb says she would fight professionally at least once this year, most likely on the Fight for Life bill in December. But she is not ruling out more bouts in 2012 and next year. Dean Lonergan and Duco Events wanted her back as a key drawcard after her sensational showing last year – when she went toe-to-toe with snowboarding champ and TV star Hayley Holt.

“I need to find other ways to fund my travel around the world, for the Dream Tour, and this is a way for me to do it,” says Hareb, who last year lost her sponsor Billabong. “Dean’s obviously keen to have me back and if I can help get some more funds and exposure, I’ll do it.”

Who pro surfers would you like to see in the boxing ring? How about Kelly Slater vs. Jamie O’Brien. They’ve been having a twitter war. Jamie O’Brien vs anybody.

#3 The Groundswell Society’s “Sharing the Stoke” event makes a return to Rincon Point –yesterday . This event supports at-risk youth programs and scholarships. Using a team surfing format developed especially for the Invitational, each team has the opportunity to ride the waves of Rincon for an hour with no other teams in the water. From surf schools, surfing organizations, clubs, companies, and surf shops throughout California teams are invited based on their public benefit efforts to “share the stoke of surfing” during the prior year.

#4 The Del Mar Surfboard Expo (formerly known as Sacred Craft)  has a date Oct 6 & 7.

#5 GMAC CAMP CHIMES in on SURFERS VILLAGE claiming 90 footer.:
While I believe that the surfing community has ‘down-sized’ wave heights for far too long ( I also believe this wave to be bigger than 90 feet), I find it curious that their “camp” would spin this a few weeks away from the XXL voting. It se……ems a little desperate. If I was advising the GMAC ‘camp’ I’d stress confidence in their 90-foot claim, rather than seeking validation, a validation they already have assuming they can produce Mr Collins’ email.

For the record we called and texted Garrett to come on the show months ago. He is one of the best radio guests I’ve ever had the pleasure of interviewing. I hope to get him on soon.

Some of you may recall the Stab and Dodge video I made years ago.


Well, it seems that I may have actually provided to our culture in a meaningful way. Check this out:

Stab and Dodge Paddle Cover

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