Master craftsman, legend shaper, big wave warrior and director of the Big Wave World Tour Gary Linden. - Boardroom Show
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Master craftsman, legend shaper, big wave warrior and director of the Big Wave World Tour Gary Linden.

Master craftsman, legend shaper, big wave warrior and director of the Big Wave World Tour Gary Linden.

DTL — Surf talk radio with Jeff Baldwin and Scott Bass it is Feb 5 Super Bowl Sunday, 2012

We are live every Sunday morning here in San Diego on XTRA SPORTS 1360AM and broadcast around the world via iTunes. — our show needs a sponsor so be advised.
In-studio today Master craftsman, legend shaper, big wave warrior and director of the Big wave world tour Gary Linden.

Adam Wright. surf report –

An OPINION – THE ASP’s Super Bowl is the Pipe Masters. It should be our final crescendo. Not an afterthought of great surfing at a great spot. No ASP World Title should EVER BE DETERMINED BEFORE THE PIPE MASTERS– period. The waiting period and the field should be extended to include PIPE EXPERTS. the Pipe Masters should be SURFING’S BEST SHOW ON EARTH culminating in a World Champion — each and every year. This is a simple concept. If the surf industry and the Hawaiian powers that be, all of them: VANS, Triple Crown, the HUI, Billabong, the City and County of Honolulu, and the North Shore community can’t get on the same page, they have truly FAILED. They have failed pro surfing, they have failed surfing fans, and they have failed as the so-called ‘keepers” of the sport. All future ASP World Titles should and could BE DETERMINED AT THE PIPE MASTERS — OUR SUPERBOWL — end of story.

GARY LINDEN- Big wave world tour. Can you quickly explain the tour how many events from when to when.

AN obvious big challenge is waiting on Mother Nature to throw big enough waves your way.
Logistics of getting the surfers together.
Nelscott Reef is extended to March.

How do you crown a champion…? Very important for a TOUR to crown a champion every year.

Ever see a time when the ASP gets involved with Big Wave Tour?

Who is the marketing arm? Seems you are on to something, but that a big time sponsor needs to get involved. I could see SWATCH or NIKE or an INSURANCE company like Geico?

What about less emphasis on spots and more on crowning a champion? Don’t rely on having five stops to crown a champ; if you only get one event off, well that’s it. The winner is the Champ that year, if you get all five events pulled off, then great, but don’t rely on it.

The internet makes for a lot of chatter from “internet tough guys” or “arm chair quarterbacks”. Garrett McNamara’s self described 90-foot wave caught some flak but surprisingly not from the big wave pros or the surf media elites. They either turned away from it or validated the 90-foot wave claim.
What say you Gary Linden, 90 foot wave or not?

How do you feel about all the press that it received.

TOP 5 Stories
#1 Story – Volcom Pipe Pro – The greatest nail-biter final ever. With 30 seconds remaining John John steals the championship from JO Brien. Wow!
JOB surfed incredible. Switch-foot was mind blowing. He’s on another level… from even John John in that respect.

Dave Wassle is darn good in the broadcast booth as an analyst. So is Richard Woolcott. Too many in the booth stepping on each others comments and NOT listening. Biggest problem is the NON-professionalism that these WEBCASTS manifest. To a trained broadcaster, these still remain amateur. Commentators do not listen to each other. Granted, 4 days of talking is very difficult. Very little actual surf action takes place.

#2 Story – Kenny ‘SkinDog’ Collins snaps on NOAA officials:

In one respect, I can relate to ‘SkinDog’ . He’s frustrated. The ban seems misguided. ‘SkinDog’ saved Jacob Trette’s life using a ski. PWC’s have assisted other surfers out there. Massive fishing trawlers out there everyday. But it seems like a low-profile would have been better approach. Just get on the ski without a word a go surfing. Why all the hysteria? Doesn’t help the surfers cause, in my opinion.

Here’s how NOAA lawyers work: For a citation to hold up we must show that 1) we first educated them 2) then we can Cite them 3) #1 will assure that #2 holds up in court.

It only helps that NOAA and the Judge have public video of an aggressive, dismissive, and abusive Mr. Collins. However, it can argued that Mr. Collins was never “educated”, he wouldn’t let the NOAA official speak. So you can’t cite him. *Although in the video he claims he’s already been educated about the PWC ban. So…
At the same time though, SkinDog didn’t use, pardon the bureaucratic term, “best practices”, He let his emotions get the better of him. He didn’t come off looking to smooth. For sure next time the feds will come prepared with citation books, taser guns, German Shepherds; etc.

#3 SUPS at SUNSET SUPS: what is your take on stand-ups in big waves and in general?

SUP World Tour – They are doing it at SUNSET Beach

SUPMAG: Are you worried about the stigma with stand-up in the surfing world?
JOB: I know guys get eggy when I show up on a stand-up at Pipe. I’m just trying to have a good time. If people are mad at me for having fun I’m not worried about that. It’s all about having fun and enjoying yourself and I get that satisfaction from stand-up.

Not okay to have fun at others expense. We simply ask that you “Do unto others as you have them do unto you”


#5 Chris Beresford of San Diego dominated the Open Division final at the Kneeboard Surfing USA Championships at Huntington Beach. Beresford attacked the head-high waves on the south side of the pier with an impressive display of stylish full-rail surfing and big moves.

SDSU Center for Surf Research – 10th annual surfing, arts, sciences & issues conference: Surfing’s New Aloha: The Growing Trend of Giving BackFebruary 10, 2012 7:00PM – 9:00PM & Saturday, February 11, 2012 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM San Diego State University’s Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center

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