Marc Andreini talks Makaha style guns - Boardroom Show
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Marc Andreini talks Makaha style guns

Marc Andreini talks Makaha style guns

Marc Andreini is a designer and shaper of custom surfboards for over 40 years. Specializing in boards for all wave types, locations, and the special people who surf there. Marc Andreini provides insight about the board he’s building for the Ultimate Craftsman Project (UCP) presented by VISSLA. The UCP took place in 2015 at The Boardroom Surfboard Show in Del Mar. Andreini, Travis Reynolds, Gene Cooper and Roger Hinds all built magnificent surfboards from scratch, every step of the process.

Marc Andreini chats with Glenn Sakamoto from Liquid Salt.Com:
It was 1966 and I was 15 years old. My best friend at the time was Margo Godfrey (Oberg). She was already a surf star darling and unbelievably talented. We would surf everyday after school and on the weekends. She knew all the guys in La Jolla because that’s where she was from. One day, Tom Ortner and a couple of his contemporaries who were top surfers, were coming up the coast with their brand new Boston Whaler. They wanted Margo to help them get into The Ranch. Margo was only 12 years old and asks me about it. I said in my squeaky 15-year old voice, “Of course I can get us in. I can show ya. I know everything about The Ranch!”

We rode our bicycles with our surfboards to meet them and they picked us up. They placed me at the bow and I proceeded to guide them to all the spots at The Ranch. Of course, I only knew about them from reading my Surfing Guide to Southern California by Bill Cleary. I had memorized every single word in that book so I knew where everything was! I got us to Rights and Lefts and we surfed everything until it closed out at the low tide. There were no other surfers besides us at The Ranch that day.

I said “It’s low tide so it’s time to go to Governments.” We headed north and somehow we got around the kelp beds at Cojo Reef and pulled into Governments’ on the best day I have ever surfed there in my entire life. It was just perfection – 4 to 6 feet and no one out. We park the boat on a big sandy cove and we proceed to surf our brains out. About an hour into it, here comes a little Renault driving up the beach with my friend Danny Hazard driving, with Greenough in the passenger seat along with his red Velo spoon atop the roof.

Greenough proceeds to paddle out at the top of the point where it is 6–8 feet. Nobody surfs out there because it is nasty and rocky with hollow waves. With my own eyes, I watch George and he is firing and rocketing off the bottom, pulling up under the lip, into the barrel, and with a full figure eight cutback, rebounds into the soup seemingly without any loss in speed. He would actually gain speed in his turns – the total opposite of a longboard. I actually saw him do two complete barrel rides all on the same wave.

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