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Mainland Mexico BC (before Brian Conley)

Mainland Mexico BC (before Brian Conley)

Before Solana Beaches’ Brian Conley, Justin and the associated tow crew started making a living at the notorious Mainland beachbreak (probably before they were even born), a crew of Solana Beach / Del Mar surfers put their mark on the spot. The year was 1981. Del Mar surfers who frequented the spot included Dean Lingenfelder, Chad Peckham, Gus Criege, Gerry Griffin, Brett Woodward, & Stubby Joe Descans (broken femur). There were others from Del Mar as well. I even made few missions down there. Perhaps more dedicated was the Solana Beach crew including Damon Stanard and his brother; kneeboarder Jimmy Downs and his brother Danny; ‘Chivo’ Mark Wooten; and of course Kendall Summers. Of this original Solana Beach crew, Chivo, Jimmy Downs and Kendall Summers all made the area their home. I believe Chivo and Jimmy still reside in the area. Kendall Summers taught school in the local town, married a local girl, and now resides in North Carolina. Brian Conley is breaking barriers down there and deserves all the recognition. But these three in particular deserve some kudos for their dedication to the spot – Mainland Mexico BC: Before Brian Conley.

Below is old Super 8s of Kendall Summers in the mid 80 to late 80s.

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