Down The Line Surf Pod Gabby Gate, Surf Park Summit II, Shoplifting, Hurley Pro 2016 - Boardroom Show
September 09, 2016, This weeks show on Down The Line Surf Podcast we discuss: Was Gabriel Medina underscored in his round three heat versus Tanner Gadauskas? Of course he was. I'm not a huge fan of Gabby but even I, through biased prism, couldn't beleive he didn't turn that heat. , Surf Park Summit II a meeting of like minded induviduals moving the surf park industry forward. Shoplifting stories, Hurley Pro, 2016, Kelly Slater, golden ticket, Surf, Podcast, Gabby Gate.
Down The Line, Surf, Podcast, Gabby Gate, Surf Park Summit II , Shoplifting, Hurley Pro, 2016, kelly slater, golden ticket
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Down The Line Surf Pod Gabby Gate, Surf Park Summit II, Shoplifting, Hurley Pro 2016

Down The Line Surf Pod Gabby Gate, Surf Park Summit II, Shoplifting, Hurley Pro 2016


Plain and simple Gabby’s second wave was obviously a higher score than his first wave. I am not a Gabby fan and even I had to admit that he turned the heat at the point. I had Tanner on my fantasy team. Gabby was ripped off.


He should be fined for his outward and callous disrespect for the WSL shield; his sarcastic clapping of the hands . It’s a discretionary call for the commissioner; who makes those calls? Keirren Perrow? Wondering if there will be fines levied to Gabby, Julian, Wilko for violation of article 171 Damage to Surfing’s Image after public displays and conduct casting the WSL and the sport of surfing in a negative light. Fines of $1K- $50K can be levied.

JULIAN INSTA: “When sleepless nights, countless hours of preparation and learning hard lessons from past upsets, it’s hard not feel frustrated when not getting rewarded in key moments like this. Might be time to break down what the judges see and understand as good surfing in comparison to what the best surfers in the world see and understand as good surfing, as it could be a little different? @wsl @mattwilko8 @gabrielmedina

WILKO: “The judges might need to take some responsibility for their scores over the past two days. Might be time to put them under a microscope, like they do to us.”

JEREMY FLORES: I’ve just been saying it for the last 6 years & got fined a million of times for asking explanations. Now everyone is finally waking up. The judging at the moment is way too amateur for how big the sport has become. We have contracts, debts, sponsors, bonuses. We have dedicated everything to be at this level. We have all contributed to progressing our sport. Let’s improve so that the next generation doesn’t have to deal with this. Don’t get me wrong, it must be tough to be a judge, it’s a hard job but if there isn’t good enough judging then there shouldn’t be that much money involved. Simple as that!.

How to improve the scoring / judging for transparency sake : DLS ,you’ve been saying this for years; Judges should not know the scores needed to turn a heat.

Conspiracy theorists having a field day with this one; arguing that a scripted JJF vs Slater showdown at PIPE is the perfect ending with #12 on the line.

GOLDEN TICKET – Who won Slater’s golden ticket?
First of all, can we get a little credit for the the whole Willy Wonka dealio. That was my idea. I talked about it on this show in May.

The announcement on Kelly Slater’s FB live chat…that there would be another ticket given out. It was interesting. I actually watched it all. I enjoyed Kelly’s discussion about the growing up in Cocoa beach with the Shuttles launches; and in ’85 or ’86 when the shuttle exploded… that was cool anecdote from the King.

WSL commentating after retiring?
“Possibly. I enjoy doing commentary. I think it’s a good way to talk about history you know, individually. Everyone has their own knowledge of surf history. It’s cool to hear different peoples’ versions of it. I think it’s a nice place to share it.”

There was a comment about some of the monies from this campaign going to the community of Lemoore. I’d like to know more about that. That raised my eyebrows a little bit.

When I gave my hard earned $100 I was under the assumption it was going to ocean related environmental causes ; mostly the WSL’s PURE. To then hear that some of the $$ was going to the community of Lemoore, well that’s not sitting well with me. So I think it’d be in their best interests to explain that further. Is KS Wave Co building a YMCA , are we paying their property taxes? or what does that mean … maybe I misunderstood him. I need some clarification.

Surf Park Summit II– Orlando Fl

SURF PARK SUMMITT II brought together engineers, designers, dreamers, financiears, marketing gurus. And the room was filled with optimism. Some interesting stuff as the surf park industry gathered for its second set of presentations. The big take away – lenders at least willing to look at creative ways to finance these business. The first commercially running wave park resort Surf Snowdonia has lifted some of the fiscal apprehension. Andy Ainscough is the owner / operator Surf Snowdonia in Wales. He was first to market and that took some balls. Everyone else is sitting on the sidelines waiting to see what happens. It’s still early on, but Andy is making it happen.

NLand Wave Park in Austin Texas has tons of promise but held up in legal bureaucratic hell ; A Texas County politician / bureaucrat has determined that the park needs crystal clear swimming pool water. My take on this: Some bureaucrat or politician didn’t get invited to the party, didn’t get paid off, his /her ego is bruised and he/she so is therefore holding the whole deal up. It’s petty ego politics, or “why haven’t you filled my re-election coffers” ; somebody didn’t get paid off; or wasn’t asked to sign off on the project in exchange for donations to re-election campaign–some good ol’ boy BS the size of Texas is holding this up. Pure speculation on my part, I have no insight into this.

Surf Aid Cup Malibu


Kelly Slater, in particular – to honor his late friend and the personal struggles he underwent, the World Champ posted this touching tribute on Instagram:
“You never know the state someone is in, the subconscious thoughts and harbored feelings no one else truly feels or understands. And I guess this is the end of the road. It’s terribly devastating to all of us who loved @woodysecurity to know this was him less than 24 hours ago, seemingly without a care in the world, smiling away in @peterkingphoto’s hat wig. Unfortunately, his emotions and personal difficulties pushed him beyond his breaking point and he chose to take his own life last night. It would be convenient to blame another person. I guess it’s natural to be angry at him. We’re all just in shock. I loved this man. Can’t believe we won’t be seeing you as expected at every event. I can hardly remember an event without you. Always in everyone’s corner on tour…it’s really difficult to believe you’re gone. Rest in peace, my friend and our thoughts go out to your children.”

MUST SEE MOMENT: Just Passing Through: Episode 8 takes us deep into Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula with Cyrus Sutton in hopes of scoring a mysterious wave he discovered on a previous expedition a few years back. From bears to poachers, ex-soviet helicopters and a seemingly ideal swell in the forecast, Cyrus along with #ReefAdventureSeeker Anna Ehrgott and photographer Dylan Gordon put their lives on the line for a taste of perfection. This is #justpassingthrough at its finest.

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