Kelly Slater Robbed, Nicaragua Surfing, Big Wave World Tour Champion - Boardroom Show
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Kelly Slater Robbed, Nicaragua Surfing, Big Wave World Tour Champion

Kelly Slater Robbed, Nicaragua Surfing, Big Wave World Tour Champion

April 8, 2012; San Diego , Ca. — — Down The Line Surf Talk Radio with Bassy n Baldy on XTRA SPORTS 1360AM in San Diego; on iTunes podcast (Google it).


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Show Notes:
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Video edited by (presumably) drunk Australians, biased. Great Final!

Watch the Heat using the HEAT ANALYZER – This is where you see it without the editing bias above, plus you see Kelly’s disgust with the judging.

Adam Wright SOLSPOT.COM surf forecast for April 8-15:

Many interested and involved surf fans feel that the ASP judges blew the final at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach: Was Kelly Slater robbed? The twitterverse is all abuzz about it, and so are message boards and internet forum sites. Kelly himself has sent out various tweets more or less taking the high road, but responding to the many ASP judging naysayers that “judging is just opinion, and debate is fun.” You can hear him immediately after the heat is over, telling Belly, a Quiksilver handler, that the judges “give 8.7s for floaters…” a reference to his underscored wave (an 8.33). Slater was clearly agitated, and even smashed the nose of his surfboard against the stairwell in disgust as he made his way to the competitors area. ASP commentators brushed it under the rug, stating that “Kelly shouldn’t be upset, he has been on the other side of the coin more than once,” suggesting that Slater has been over-scored in past events. What does all this mean? Big picture: any activity whereby scoring is based on a other peoples opinions is not really a sport — it is, rather, a judged activity. Figure skating — not a sport. Small picture: Slater is right, debate is fun, and this debate should help keep us surfing fans in a lather until Brazil, where I hear floaters are big!

The SURFER Magazine forum (a bastion of clear-thinking, level headed individuals) has a Reader Poll and as of this writing 87% of the 300+ respondents feel Kelly Slater was robbed.

Some of the various internet/twitter chatter:
What’s done is done. But judging by the look on Kelly’s face after the heat, world title number 12 is coming soon.
That man hates to lose.

Yes, he (SLATER) was robbed. There’s no way Micks wave was a 9.7.

Complete rip off. Slater was robbed.”

Massive air, carving 360s, full power gauges, under the lip tail gaffes-to-cover up, alley oops — only one surfer did ALL of those things… and it wasn’t Mick Fanning.

Bell’s needs to go from the tour. If anything it now suits women more as a prime venue. the men’s CT has outgrown Bells.

Only reason I don’t think Mick deserved it, and often why I don’t love his surfing is his lack of variety. He needs to really change it up. Kelly pulled out the bag of tricks and nailed every single one, it was like watching him free surf which is way more enjoyable.”

KELLY SLATER TWEET: @kellyslater “Judging is an opinion and a perception. Not right or wrong. That was the best air I’ve done in my 40’s! But Mick was carving shit up.

CONSPIRACY THEORY FROM TEXAS (of all places?!): @sotexsurfer “An ASP conspiracy designed to motivate KS to stay on tour?

And finally this tweet: “I’m pretty sure the ASP judges invented SUP.

NICARAGUASURFREPORT.COM: Carl from NSR calls in with the surf report for Nicaragua.

How have the waves been?
Do you have Tours available if people want to surf up and down the coastline?
How’s your golf game?
What is the overall Nicaragua surf experience like?
Nicaragua Surf Report – you can help with vacation planning but also real estate needs as well.

TOP 5 STORIES Brought to you by Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo Oct 6 & 7 Del Mar Fairgrounds:

1) Mick Fanning beats Kelly Slater at Rip Curl Pro Bells.
Next stop Brazil. SludgePickle won the event for our Downthelinesurftalkradio clubhouse with 1014 points for Rip Curl bells event; JOIN the Downthelinesurftalkradio clubhouse bassyandbaldy
my team Floatergate – 744 points ‘ Baldy’s team: 686 points

2) Peter Mel Crowned Nig Wave WOrld Tour Champion

3) Flea and Troy Virostko Save Boogie Boarder at Mitchells Cove
To recap, on Sunday brothers Darryl “Flea,” a famous big wave surfer and who just received the Mavericks Legend Award, and Troy Virostko were doing a wave check on West Cliff as one of the largest swells of the year was bearing down on the Santa Cruz coastline. When they rounded the corner by Getchell Street, Flea noticed something wasn’t right. It was body boarder Lee Tolson, a 65-year-old Felton resident, struggling in the water. Read HERE. Troy circled the truck back around to double check the situation. A body boarder was in distress.
Troy Virostko also recalled the scene.

“Darryl and I spotted her in the water as we were checking the waves and were wondering why no one on the cliff had reacted.”

The large waves on Sunday had attracted dozens of onlookers.

“Funny thing was Darryl jumped out of the truck before we even stopped and yelled back at me to hurry up, forget the wetsuit, lets go. I was in such a hurry I realized the wetsuit was inside out. I tried to put it on that way and it didn’t work so I had to flip it right side real quick. I don’t think I have ever put a wetsuit on that fast.”

Lee was holding onto Darryl’s arm and hanging on every word. “You were getting pushed around, the waves were huge and the tide was really high. For a moment there I was thinking we weren’t going to be able to grab you.”

Troy added: “The foam from the waves had piled up and was about 3 to 4 feet high, so between the surging of the waves and the foam at times we would lose where she was at.”

Lee Tolson said it felt surreal to her.

“I just had to let go and think that somehow I would muster the energy to reach out and grab hold. I must have fought for over an hour before Flea and Troy came down. I could barely keep my head above water and when I looked up and saw his sneakers I couldn’t even look up.”

Flea was afraid he would hurt her trying to save her.

“I thought I was going to pull her arm out of socket, but I didn’t care. I knew I had to yank her up or she was done.”

Lee listened as Flea and Troy talked about helping her get up to the safety of the cliffside as the paramedics made their way down the cliff to check on the rescue. It was at that moment that Lee grabbed Darryl’s hand and looked into his eyes and without uttering a word, said thank you.

While the paramedics attended to Lee, the Virostko brothers made their way up the cliff, past the throngs of onlookers and back to the truck. The duo had just saved a life and without any fanfare they went back to checking the waves along the Westside.

4) 28-year-old Hawaiian Joshua Holley, fended off a shark that attacked him – while he was surfing off the coast of Oahu – by punching him in the face.

Holley told ABC News he first felt a push on his body, and when he looked to his left he saw a large dorsal fin and then felt a ‘popping’ sensation in his foot. Later in hospital, he discovered the shark bite had severed two tendons and made a wound requiring 42 stitches, but luckily had punctured no major arteries.

The shark then went under the water and came up on the other side. Holley did some quick thinking, remembered the most sensitive part of a shark was the snout, and then: “I’m kind of holding it and it’s coming out on the right side, I punched him once and twice with my right hand, it submerged and swam off,” said Holley.


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