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DOWN THE LINE DECEMBER 16, 2013 surfing, surf news, surfer information, surfing industry tripe et al.



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The waves under scrutiny: Yadin Nichol’s (L) under the lip drop and run approach, or Mick Fanning’s (R) bottom turn to barrel hunt approach.

I think David Lockwood broke it down best… here’s what he had to say:

I have not even read anything thats being said on this site about what happened today, I can imagine. I just wanted to say this. I’ve had a little bit for this to sink in and all I can come up with is that it is just really really sad. Mick surfed one of the worst heats I have ever seen against CJ and somehow was gifted the win on a last minute wave that was deemed to be worth more than both CJ’s waves combined. Next mick got dominated in my eyes by Yadin and still somehow won. My question is this. When it is not clear cut, when he didn’t go out and get it. In this situation. With this much on the line. why the FUCK would you just give him the title?? Why not at least give Kelly a chance. I really cannot for the life of me understand. I feel like we were all robbed of what could have been one of the greatest moments in our sport. If Mick went out and threw down fine. GOOD. But he didn’t. And to not at least let Kelly have a shot at what could have been his ride into the sunset moment just makes me really bummed out about the state of the sport. disgusting.

Did Mick Fanning Deserve the Score that Decided the World Title?
Nathan Paul Gibbs In fact I speculate that if slayer had won, he would have taken a leave, if not retired entirely. The ASP needs slater on the tour with the new tv deal. Steal his board? I guess I should read the article.
Yesterday at 6:22am via mobile · Like
Jesse Sinclair As a lifelong surfer supporter of the ASP it wasn’t even close. When the best wave of the heat by Yadin gets a 9.3 and Mick gets the 2nd best wave for 9.7 in the most important heat of year it is very disappointing. Missed the heat against CJ but, hear…See More
Yesterday at 6:46am via mobile · Like · 7
Jean-Paul de Kervor I think the underscore was on yadins wave 2.
Yesterday at 6:53am via mobile · Like · 4
Andrew OBrien Tragic. Worst judging ever. Didn’t even give slater a chance to surf…micks 9.5 and 9.7 were lows 9 at best
Yesterday at 6:59am · Like · 4
Dennis Kane The real question is what score did yadins 2nd wave deserve. That heat was painful to watch. If you wait till the last minute and claim it super big you get the score. Terrible scoring all the way around in that heat. Yadin did some of the best barrel riding of the contest.
Yesterday at 7:18am via mobile · Like · 5
Adam Thomas No way. Yadins wave was more critical. Slater should’ve taken the title.
Yesterday at 8:03am via mobile · Like · 1
Dan Highland Wait’ll next year…
Yesterday at 8:14am via mobile · Like
Drew Littlemore No. The judging aspect of pro surfing is why surfing has not become a huge sport. Who knows where it would be if not for the beach scenes and all the young good looking people in bikinis and boardshorts on the tele/web casts.
Yesterday at 8:17am · Like · 1
Billy Hagerman No. Kelly is King.
Yesterday at 8:20am via mobile · Like
Mark Freeman I think Kelly should have won the whole thing, but am glad he’s “pissed off” enough to do the tour next year…
Yesterday at 8:22am · Unlike · 4
Bryan Ingraham Lets talk about Jon Jon getting a 7.4. too. Hmmmm??
Yesterday at 8:26am · Like · 4
Dan Highland It is what it is…
Yesterday at 8:44am via mobile · Like
Michael Payne NO .From your local neighborhood contest to the ASP WORLD TITLE hunt .The Judging does not improve in this sport.Until we can have a definite unquestionable finish line to cross the sport can not be legit.I think.I think it is and always will be a industry driven sport. Because of this you have your local pro establishment telling kids “the only way to make it is thru me I am the way not how well you surf”
Yesterday at 8:59am · Like · 1
Craig Heath Mick deserved it . I saw similar scenarios go against Mick through the year (which would have given him more points ) this one went in his favour
Yesterday at 10:07am via mobile · Like
Jeffrey Werve simple NO
Yesterday at 10:11am · Like
Craig Heath Yes .
Yesterday at 10:14am via mobile · Like
Reid Inouye What do you think Scott? You been to enough Pipe events? I actually thought this out in my head and the whole scenario on the tower and the “sideline/back seat driver sit on my ass in front of a computer” side just to see it from both sides. How many p…See More
Yesterday at 11:01am · Like · 2
Haumoana Pakarati i was there,,,,mick is a true champion,,but honestly 9.7??? i think it was pretty tough for the judges, and they really took a looooong time to come up with the score, thinking should we give it to him?? or not??? or what?? i think his wave was a littl…See More
22 hours ago · Edited · Like · 2
Chhris Dougherty Absolutely not, no way possible. There were far better waves that scored in the low 9s!!!!
22 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
Jeffrey Werve
I think it was jaded to Mick but that’s ok because it won’t happen again for him as for Kelly it put a fire under his ass and he will get his 12th title sooner than later .
With a new asp I hope we see more honest scores and a more simple approach to scoring ,I did say I hope it’s still a little suspect with Brazils shitty beach break and not having Jeffrey’s as an event on the CT .
22 hours ago via mobile · Like
Reid Inouye Only critique I give the ASP judging is they have to punch in a decision in 2 minutes of the wave ridden. Use to be a minute max, then 2,3. Now its like they cannot think fast enough. Maybe make them take a psych test to see how fast their brain can make a decision. A good honest decision.
21 hours ago · Like · 1
Drew Campbell I have to paraphrase Martin Potter, “To beat the best in the world, you’re gonna have to completely dominate him, Macko!!” And thats pretty much the truth! What if that had been Kelly in that position (I think he would have surfed that wave a tad bit b…See More
21 hours ago via mobile · Edited · Like
Todd Messick Yes
18 hours ago via mobile · Like
Scott Bass Too close to call… I gave it a 9.3… I think we all wanted to give Slater a chance to surf his way to the world title. That chance was never allowed because of a really close close call. Really bummed for Yadin.
17 hours ago · Like · 3
Reid Inouye That’s a good honest score. I think Pipe should have double the prize money and double points. Make these guys earn it like the old WQS days.
17 hours ago · Edited · Unlike · 1
Mike Macia Scott – I thought a 9.2 or 9.3 tops…what a great day of surfing!!!! Ke11y was going to win the contest no matter what. He was possessed.
17 hours ago · Like
Flinn F Simmons No. 9.4 tops. Jon Jon got a 7.4 on a sik drainer. It was fucked. Micks wave was a soft roll in. Kelly in the final was air dropping. Kelly ruled it all.
17 hours ago via mobile · Like
Mike Macia The fact that Mick got that wave in the dying minutes tweaked everyones scoring scale……If he got that wave in the middle of the heat he would of never received that high of a score.
17 hours ago · Unlike · 1
Flinn F Simmons Yep
17 hours ago via mobile · Like
Andrew OBrien You know the Chinese batmitten team threw matches on purpose to face lesser opponents in the Olympics this year and got their medal taken away…micks blatant snaking of JJ to avoid him is also a blemish for this title. Also it’s not fair for us as fa…See More
16 hours ago · Unlike · 3
Flinn F Simmons Very well said. Rubbish.
16 hours ago via mobile · Like
Aaron Buczek slater is the most dominant athlete of any sport of all time, he deserved another title as well. kelly should have 12 titles and mick should be at 2 still… an epic contest the best of all time I think
16 hours ago · Like
Kristjan Higdon Slater absolutely dominated one of the greatest days of competitive surfing history…he dominated three of the best events of the year…he was not motivated at lesser breaks – Rio and Portugal…so did he take control of his destiny – no, he left it …See More
15 hours ago · Like
Jesse Sinclair Slater should retire and let the tour find a way to survive without him. After all he had done they screw him over by over scoring Mick. Great way to thank the guy that put the sport on his shoulders and carried it. Mick snaking John John was another j…See More
15 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
Kristjan Higdon He should start his own tour and get Quiksilver/Disney/ESPN backing…
14 hours ago · Like
Rich Reeves No.
13 hours ago via mobile · Like
Robert Snelling The way to fix this is The judges should have no idea what score the surfers need. Keep judges in sound proof booth with headphones. They score the rides & that’s it.
9.2 roll in – to a nice barrel – my grandma coulda caught that wave.
12 hours ago via mobile · Unlike · 3
Scott Bass Great idea Robert Snelling . I’m gonna go ahead and steal this idea as my own;
5 hours ago · Like · 1
Jesse Sinclair That is such a good idea. Taking their hearing away would level the bias I know exists. At the end of the day everyone knows Kelly is the man. The only person to really question that was Andy Irons because he knew he could beat him.
5 hours ago via mobile · Like
Jim Wood not even…
about an hour ago · Like

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