KANDUI RESORT - Surfing Dreams Do Come True - Boardroom Show
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KANDUI RESORT – Surfing Dreams Do Come True

KANDUI RESORT – Surfing Dreams Do Come True

August 31 2009 Rifles - Scott Bass, tube dodging as usual

August 31 2009 Rifles - Scott Bass, tube dodging as usual

Spent an incredible 10 days out on Kandui Island Resort. Surfed some really good rifles, got plenty of tubes, had incredible meals, very comfortable accommodations, and met new friends! Broke my favorite 6′ 6″ Chris Christenson Dauntless, but have really good pictures to prove it’s value. that board was incredible, and I need Chris (if you are reading this) to make me a replacement ASAP! The above board is a 6′ 2″ hand shaped John Kies. a bump squash Curren-esque outline with modern bottom contours and full rails 2 5/8″. So many guys out here on chippy thin surfboards and it holds them all back. More than once I had guys asking me how I was catching all the waves. Do not be afraid of volume. It is your friend! Especially if you are not a professional.

Our host, Amen, was generous, thoughtful, and very helpful. Whenever a need, question, request was thrown at him he never failed to provide answers, point us in the right direction and/or give of himself. A top notch first class host.

The food was plentiful, tasty–never boring. Breakfast consisted of filled omeletes, french toast, yogurt and fruit. Coffee, of course. Toast and jams readily available. Cereal too. Lunch saw trays of lasagna, mac n cheese and twice baked yams with carmelized onions. Garlic bread aplenty. Dinner meant unlimited portions of Coconut chicken, curry shrimp, spicy mongolian beef, lemon mahi mahi, fresh garden salads with avos, thinly sliced Asiago, and garlic dressing. Plates filled with papaya, pineapples, & melon.

We surfed a variety of waves from super easy to expert only. Nothing big, just plenty of 4-6 foot surf. From the relaxing 4-Bobs to the rippable Beng Beng to  powerful Bank Vaults. Each spot getting progressively more challenging. Then there are the real waves. The waves we come out here for. Rifles & Kandui; a right and left. Both breaking over shallow razor sharp reef. Rifles is arguably more perfect. When it is on, simple slight adjustments in the tube, even for the backside surfer, make this long peeling right-hander a fulfilling ride. Like most spots out here. The bigger the better. Bigger means a more reliable lineup. A cleaner setup for the tube.  Kandui, the left, is much more challenging. The wave never seems to stop throwing long sections at you. Rifles does this too, but the sections at Rifles don’t seem to have the bend that Kandui left puts in front of you. Kandui lefts bend toward shore, making a line change in the tube is a must if you want to make it out. There is no relaxing. Adjustments are mandatory and these adjustments must not slow you down. Rather, your rail pump needs to find the highest possible line so that you can continue on your journey through this incredibly hollow, shallow left. And it just gets hollower, faster and shallower. Good luck and high tide –both must be on your side.

This place is unbelievable.

For more info go to http://www.kanduiresort.com

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