January 06, 2013 - SURFING NEWS - SURF NEWS Jaimal Yogis - The Fear Project - Boardroom Show
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January 06, 2013 – SURFING NEWS — SURF NEWS Jaimal Yogis – The Fear Project

January 06, 2013 – SURFING NEWS — SURF NEWS Jaimal Yogis – The Fear Project

January 06, 2013 – SURFING NEWS — SURFING NEWS Jaimal Yogis – The Fear Project & MUCH MUCH MORE
w/ Scott Bass (surfer) and Jeff Baldwin (surfer)

Great Read The Fear Project Jaimal Yogis

Who among us has not been paralyzed by fear? In THE FEAR PROJECT, award-winning journalist and surfer Jaimal Yogis sets out to better understand fear – why does it so often dominate our lives, what makes it tick, and is there even a way to use it to our advantage? In the process, he plunges readers into white shark-infested waters, brings them along to surf 40+ foot waves in the dead of winter, and gives them access to some of the world’s best neuroscience labs, psychologists, and extreme athletes. In this entertaining, often laugh-out-loud narrative, Yogis also treats himself like a guinea pig for all of his research, pushing his own fears repeatedly to the limits—in his sport, in his life, and in love. Ultimately, Yogis shares with his readers the best strategies to emerge triumphant from even the most paralyzing of fears.

THE FEAR PROJECT gives readers insight into the following:

+ How fear evolved in the human brain

+ How to tell the difference between “good fear” and “bad fear”

+ How to use the latest neuroscience to transform fear memories

+ Why fear spreads between us

+ How to counteract fearful “group think”

+ How to turn fear into a performance enhancer — athletically and at work

First let me say that I applaud Jaimal Yogis for his great writing. This book is filled with sincerity, humility, and honesty. The Fear Project is an insightful, informative, and well written personal foray into fear: what it is, why it is, how it affects us through experience (his own and others) and using scientific investigation.


The book’s genesis ? How did it come about? A certain fear overcame you, crippled you, and you journalistic tendency was to explore this fear?
A relationship? Fear?
Amygdala : how does fear physiologically manifests itself?

Fight or flight? Since day one we’ve had this innate ability to survive, but in todays world our fears seem somewhat trivial in the context of a T-Rex eating us for breakfast, but these rather mundane modern fears, say Fear of Commitment, still manifest themselves in the same way as the T Rex staring down on us.

To find out more about Fear: what it is, why it is, how it affects us, you did some participant observation studies, one was diving with Great White Sharks in the Farallons?
Talk a bit about this?

Meditation, why is it helpful in the context of fear?
Yes, meditation practitioners spike highly in stress or fear situations, but they return to baseline calm much faster.

Mavericks! OMG. Gnar Gnar. You’re going to face Mavs and the two decades of horror stories, shark attacks, three wave hold downs, deaths, cold water, rocks??

Fear increases your heart rate, you use more oxygen, not good for surfing or more specifically underwater hold downs.

A sports pyschologist suggested what? Writing down your fears?

Doc Renneker told you about hold downs and slowing down, can you explain that a little bit for us?

Surfing; we have a brilliant phrase “only a surfer knows the feeling”, yet try as they might, nary a surfer has been able to capture that feeling in words, or on film, or convey that special feeling we all get after we surf?
But I’m going to give you a shot, why do you think we feel so special, so alive, so full happiness, after we surf? Could it be that we have overcome some sense of fear? Or is it an addiction? Dopamine?

Amy? Spoiler alert? Are you still with her? Why no pullout centerfold? Is it because she reminds you of Doc Renneker? BTW: After reading about her, I think I’m in love with Amy too.

Some of the suggestions about alleviating fear, things like meditation, training under stress, visualization of success, I’ve created posters for my kids room that read, “meditate or fail”. “Visualize success or fail!”

What are your fears? I’m fearful of not providing for the family, for a full retirement?

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