Jan 15 - Surf Talk Radio: Predictions for the Surf World 2012 - Boardroom Show
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Jan 15 – Surf Talk Radio: Predictions for the Surf World 2012

Jan 15 – Surf Talk Radio: Predictions for the Surf World 2012

Jan 15, 2012 Down The Line Surf Talk Radio San Diego and heard around the world via iTunes podcast

Bassy n Baldy with ya every Sunday -858.570.1360 call us if you want to talk surf or email us at surftalksandiego at gmail dot com twitter ATsacredcraftexpo or ATjeffbaldy

BoardArtBenefit with Matt Beard : The Board Art Benefit is a project designed to bring leading artists and shapers together to create original works of art utilizing surfboards for the purpose of raising support for Surf Aid International.

Jan 21. Sat night 6-9pm here in San Diego in Solana Beach at the Aaron Chang Gallery in the Cedros design district

Top 5 stories of the Week
#1 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout – congrats to REEF McIntosh for winning! Check the video below.

2012 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout Day2 Highlights from Prickett Films on Vimeo.

Top 5 stories of the Week
#1 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout – congrats to REEF McIntosh for winning .
There is huge amount of “Pipeline Only Experts” on the North Shore and this is one of their events to shine. My opinion is this, when I watch the Pipeline Masters I see the same incredible tubes being made and the same amount of wipeouts. There are guys on tour that don’t want any part of mean 10′ Pipe. But for the most part I think the gap between the local Pipeline experts, JOB, JOHN JOHN, Markus Hickman, Healey, Fuller, REEF, Bruce Irons etc. etc. and guys like Ace Buchan, Josh Kerr, Kieran Perrow, Kelly Slater, Joel Parkinson, Mick Fanning, is shrinking and in many cases is barely noticeable.

#2 San Diego Surf Film Festival – The SAN DIEGO SURF FILM FESTIVAL is pleased to announce a call for submissions to all independent surf filmmakers everywhere. SUBMISSION DUE MARCH 31ST. In addition, come celebrate the unique contributions San Diegan’s have made to the surfing community through design and invention. Come one, come all and enjoy the art of surf cinema. The inaugural SAN DIEGO SURF FILM FESTIVAL will be proudly presented at BIRD’S SURF SHED. MAY 11-13, 2012

#3 Ted Smith paddle out at Windansea today at noon – sadly Ted Smith an iconic Wndansea local had a heart attack ; he died surfing at a young age. If you were a part of the Wndansea scene you knew Ted Smith.

#4 St. Pete Beach photographer accused of molesting teen surfer
The local photographer took pictures of young male surfers, skimboarders and skateboarders, posted them on popular surfing websites, and promised the exposure would help the boys attract the sponsors. He molested one boy, admitted to the charge via a hidden microphone, and was arrested. Gil Benitz, alias was also Guillermo Trejos. Apparently he had all the high priced equipment and seemed believable.

Attention groms: Don’t befriend any 40-year-old loner photographers who use the word sponsor. Creepy.

#5 Irishman Glenn Hall Wins the Inaugural Hainan Classic at Riyue Bay
Despite smaller conditions on the final day of the competition at the Hainan Classic, the Final was an action-packed, wave-for-wave affair. Glenn ‘Micro’ Hall (IRL) managed to take control early with a long, excellent-scoring wave mid-way through the heat and hold off Royden Bryson (ZAF) in order to be crowned the first-ever champion of the Hainan Classic, an ASP 4-Star Men’s World Tour event.

There are human rights violations in China. It is not a place where you can speak negatively about the communist regime. They do not allow free speech, they do not allow free thought on the internet. In the 80s the ASP boycotted South Africa for backward thinking.

Baldy, are we as surfers, supposedly a free thinking bunch, just going to bury our heads in the sand?

Or is this about the money, new markets, if it means selling board shorts, we look the other way OR is this about keep you friends close and your enemies even closer?

Perhaps we have more power if we infiltrate and impose thru hegemony our western ways.

#6 Shark Bites Board at Nelscott Reef: Surfer Steve Harnack reported; “I had traveled beyond the reef about 200 yards by duck-diving through several waves about 20 feet high. I noticed my board dragging as I moved through the water. I had a jet-ski tow me back to the beach where I noticed a section on the bottom of my board had been struck by a shark. A portion of the fiber-glass had been removed and tooth impressions were also present.”

Predictions for 2012 :

The ASP drug policy is implemented and moves forward quietly and without issue until someone tests positive for a Performance Enhancing Drug.

Specialty events like the Billabong MUNDAKA Challenge featuring Machado, Occy, Luke Egan, take away even more credibility from the ASP, which is left without any real power. This helps open up the door for the likes of NIKE to create their own specialty events.

USA surfers John Florence & Kolohe Andino have remarkable Australian legs; John Florence will separate himself from Kolohe when big Cloudbreak and Teahupoo present themselves;

A rift will form between the shy Gabe Medina and other surfers on tour; as his shyness comes off as an aloofness, a kid with an attitude. Nobody likes that.

American Josh Kerr will win the world title in 2012.

Kolohe Andino will knock off Kelly Slater from the #1 position at the Surfer Poll awards

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