Hui Wants 16 Tahitians in Teahupoo Event - Boardroom Show
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Hui Wants 16 Tahitians in Teahupoo Event


  • CJ / 16 April 2009 8:07

    Is it me or does Hui politics exposed dude look a bit like Tank “Evans” from Surf’s Up movie?…we all know how that movie ended…I will make it to Teahupoo one of these years right after visiting BORA BORA! mele kaliki maka…hmmmm Chicken Joe….CJ…hmmmm

  • ABE / 20 April 2009 4:04

    It sounds so ridiculous that the local tahiti surfers cant enjoy of the event which is “done in their own home” and show the world how they surf their home break!!!
    Same thing happened for the Rip Curl Search WCT in Arica Chile 07.

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