POD: Damien Hobgood - Boardroom Show
Professional surfer Damien Hobgood about the challenges involved with transitioning away from the myopic focus of surfing and into adulthood, family life, the fallacy of affirmation addiction, and what act two holds. Let us begin.
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POD: Damien Hobgood

POD: Damien Hobgood

Dec 4, 2018 – Professional surfer Damien Hobgood talks about what act two holds. Let us begin. Podcast presented by Ridelistapp.com – download it today.

$1 an episode, that’s all we ask; If you like what you’re hearing help us keep it going. $1 an episode or $5/month recurring payment… that’s the cost of a cup of coffee. Or, if you’re feeling generous, we’ll take whatever kind offering you may provide ;  Please consider clicking the link to the right and donate to the Boardroom Podcast. Whether you donate or not, definitely chime in on the comments section below. Thank you in advance.
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