POD: Damien Hobgood - Boardroom Show
Professional surfer Damien Hobgood about the challenges involved with transitioning away from the myopic focus of surfing and into adulthood, family life, the fallacy of affirmation addiction, and what act two holds. Let us begin.
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POD: Damien Hobgood

POD: Damien Hobgood

Dec 4, 2018 – Professional surfer Damien Hobgood talks about what act two holds. Let us begin. Podcast presented by Ridelistapp.com – download it today.

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  • Dora / 11 December 2018 11:47

    Good show. Damien comes off as a very likeable, humble individual.

    I do have to take issue with one particular moment, though, where discussion turned to “you can’t get over fear without faith.” As somenoe who doesn’t believe in religion/God, I overcome fear through acceptance of the randomness of the universe, and understanding probability. I’m perfectly ok with people deciding to bring God into their lives and I enjoyed hearing Damien and you speak on the subject during other parts of the podcast, but that particular moment slightly annoyed me.

  • Todd / 6 January 2019 5:12

    Thank you both for sharing a rich, interesting and meaningful conversation. I appreciate Damien’s vulnerability and honesty, it was refreshing to hear an authentic and down to earth perspective on life. And thanks to Scott for his crafted questions and follow ups. The surfing world (and everywhere else) benefits from these sorts of discussions. Thank you.

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