Daniel "Tomo" Thomson - Tomo Surfboards In-studio - Boardroom Show
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Daniel “Tomo” Thomson – Tomo Surfboards In-studio

Daniel “Tomo” Thomson – Tomo Surfboards In-studio

March 4, 2012, San Diego, Ca. — Down The Line Surf Talk radio with Jeff Baldwin and Scott Bass



TOMO Surfboards

It is Mar 4 Sunday, 2012. Joining in studio this morning is Daniel Tom-O Thomson Tomo Surfboards & Justin Philips
We are live every Sunday morning here in San Diego on XTRA SPORTS 1360AM and broadcast around the world via iTunes.

Josh from the Coast Keeper Foundation is coordinating a fundraiser at the Belly Up Tavern this Wednesday. There’s going to be all kinds of raffles including an autographed Gary Linden surfboard.

Adam Wright. solspot.com surf report –

Aussie Slang – What does it mean?
Blowing’ dogs off chains – it’s windy
That’s guy’s a horse’s hoof! — ugly?
He just chucked a wobbly! – ??
A dingo’s breakfast. (Fresh air and a look around).
He’s batting above his average (ugly bloke with a hot chick)
In more trouble than a pregnant nun
Curtain twitcher (nosey neighbour)

An OPINION – Parko’s 10 point ride – Can the judges seriously award a 10-point ride – a perfect score – in 2012 — in 3′ on-shore Snapper Rocks without the surfer doing some sort of aerial or a deep tube ride?
Brad Gerlach : “In my humble opinion that wasn’t a 10. I didn’t really like the turn he did to finish the wave, but Parko’s second turn was bigger than what it looked like it was going to be, so that’s what raised the pulse.”

An EMAIL – Hey Scott,
I’m glad to hear you got into THE VOICE- I am working on the show as a camera operator and have been into YOUR radio show via podcast for a few years now. You have provided lots of hours of good entertainment! I must admit, as a SUP-guy myself I always like your detours into other subjects, be it about SUP, snowboarding or environmental subjects like Fukushima. In the spirit of the super-cheesy contest name “Best of Boardriding” I’d even like it if you would talk to somebody like Kai Lenny about his 4-in-1 day at Jaws (Surfing/SUP/Kiteboarding/Windsurfing) or similar stories. Not sure the hardcore surf-only fraction would love you for that…
Either way keep up the good work!– Geedo

Tomo Hawaii

Daniel Tomo Thomson – Some of the most cutting edge, futuristic designs, and proving it with you and Justin both ripping it up on these unique surfboards- you’ve won Best of Show at Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo twice.

These boards are short, rather parallel outlines, tell us about the thought process with regard to your latest designs.

Tom Curren is riding your boards and loving them.

How did that relationship come about?

What type of feedback is Tom Curren giving you?

Is it difficult to ask someone to ride your boards, you’re putting yourself, your designs on the line, what if they say NO?

Did he remember you from your days as a grom in Oz?

Kolohe Andino?

That’s an A-list crew already, but surfers are generally a conservative lot, at least here in Southern California, what other A-listers would you like to see on these boards helping to spread the good word of Tomo.

Somebody posted a photo of Tom Curren with your board and it had a Channel Island Hexicon sticker on it. Did you know that?

Chris from Twitter wanted to ask you about days with ..”ask tomo this morning for stories about George Greenough and Michael Petersen”

You’ve got a new logo designed by Jetter Green –

Deathstar, Raptor, MPH

TOP 5 Stories
#1 Story – Taj Burrow wins at Quiksilver Pro Snapper Rocks ; Stephanie GIlmore

#2 Stab Magazine – Australian surf mag, published a story “The rapidly-shrinking world tour Goodbye J-Bay; goodnight Cloudbreak.”
While it hasn’t been officially announced yet, surfing’s worst-kept secret is that the Volcom Pro in Fiji slated for June has been canceled. This would mean it’s the third world tour event iced this year, following the cancellation of the Quiksilver Pro, New York, and the downgrading of the Billabong Pro, J-Bay to a six star qualifying event last week. Late last year Rip Curl also canceled their mobile Search event for this year. The 2012 tour will now be nine events and surfers will likely take seven results to their final tally.

Why hasn’t Volcom quashed this rumor?

Anthony Marcotti poised this paradigm: PPV WT events. If they are getting 6 million viewers, Why not charge $10 for the entire year? $1 an event, and receive (with 10% buy -in) $6 million dollars.

As soon as Kelly Slater’s wave pool becomes a reality, the WT will become marketable to TV, thus marketable to big sponsor dollars; Kelly Slater will license the tech and be a billionaire.


#3 Derek Rabelo. The 19-year-old surfer from Brazil was born blind but that never stopped him from living life to the fullest ; he surfed Pipeline with the help of Makua Kai Rothman and others. 3′- 4′ Pipe pushed into a wave, straight to his feet; how blind is he? Partially? completely? Regardless, pretty amazing stuff, our hats are off to Derek.

#4 The Hydrodynamica art installation – part of the “Pacific Standard Time” series– runs for one more week, do yourself a favor and go check it out.

#5 Twitter verse drama with Sunny Garcia and Jamie O’Brien : SUNNYGARCIA: “@whoisjob you’re a great surfer but you talk way too much shit so surf and stop talking about how great you are:)”

Down The Line Surf Talk Radio — FantasySurfer.com team – join our club it is private the code to get into the clubhouse is “bassyandbaldy” lowercase -pick you team , try to better Baldy who is pro surfing expert.

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