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Down the Line

DOWN THE LINE Surf Talk Podcast Scott Bass and David Scales talk about all things surfing; surf travel, culture, history, competition, swells, art, movies, icons, legends, business, local, non-local, longboard, shortboard, boogie board, wait, no boogie board... SUP, whatever. Nothing is off limits and the gloves are off. Show segments include Fact or Fiction, Kook and Duke, Must See Moments and tons of thousands of kilos of weighty issues and topics. IT IS ALL discussed. And then some. We are based in SoCal but talk about the WORLD of surfing.

PODCAST: Ross Garrett

August 27, 2019 – Ross Garrett has been in the surf industry for over two decades, is a principle agent at Surfline – the largest and most viewed digital surf content outlet in the world, he and the good folks at Surfline have more than a significant amount of cultural influence.

PODCAST: Pat Rawson

August 27, 2019 – Pat Rawson has been shaping surfboards since 1966, and manufacturing surfboards on the North Shore of Oahu since 1972. Combining pre-proven, innovative custom designs with handcrafted experience, Rawson shapes and sells to 19 countries worldwide from 6 hi-tech manufacturing locations. His acclaim ranges from his home-base on Sunset Beach; Oahu, to the shores of California, Europe, Central and South America, Japan, and Australia

PODCAST: Dylan Longbottom

August 11, 2019 – Before this interview, I probably couldn’t have picked Dylan Longbottom out of a lineup. Dylan Longbottom is one of those surfers who I’ve heard his name hundreds of times. I’ve seen the hideous and inspiring waves he’s successfully negotiated. But that’s about all I really know about him.

PODCAST: Christian Beamish

July 29, 2019 – Old souls build boats and sail them alone in search of waves but something else… they’re lone wolfs; gravitate toward the intellectual side of life; spiritually inclined and reflective; not necessarily materialistic; and a watchful patience, seeing things from the 30K foot level.

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