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Down the Line

DOWN THE LINE Surf Talk Podcast Scott Bass and David Scales talk about all things surfing; surf travel, culture, history, competition, swells, art, movies, icons, legends, business, local, non-local, longboard, shortboard, boogie board, wait, no boogie board... SUP, whatever. Nothing is off limits and the gloves are off. Show segments include Fact or Fiction, Kook and Duke, Must See Moments and tons of thousands of kilos of weighty issues and topics. IT IS ALL discussed. And then some. We are based in SoCal but talk about the WORLD of surfing.

PODCAST: Christian Beamish

July 29, 2019 – Old souls build boats and sail them alone in search of waves but something else… they’re lone wolfs; gravitate toward the intellectual side of life; spiritually inclined and reflective; not necessarily materialistic; and a watchful patience, seeing things from the 30K foot level.

PODCAST: Joe Roper

July 12, 2019 – For my money Joe Roper really personifies San Diego surfing; Maybe it’s his blue collar work ethic – he’s a hard worker and he had to work hard to establish himself in the rough territorial waters of 1970s’ Big Rock and Windansea.

POD: Mark Johnson

June 12, 2019 -With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics one year away, and surfing being included for the first time, Mark Johnson offers perspective on the history of doping in sports, how it’s evolved and the relatively new industry and bureaucracy of anti-doping with regard to the Olympic Games.

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