CALL FOR ENTRIES - Boardroom Show
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BEST IN SHOW presented by FYICBD

Conceive. Design. Build.

We have provided three separate categories

There is three thousand dollars in prize money $3K 💵


Longboard = $1K winner take all

Alternative Performance* = $1K winner take all

Big Wave Gun= $1K winner take all


All three categories will be judged using the two criteria listed below in order of importance.


1) First and foremost the boards must be functional surfboard designs


2) The quality of the craftsmanship from nose to tail including but not limited to shape, lamination, artwork, sand, & finish. Every aspect of the craftsmanship must be top quality and will be scrutinized


*In addition to the two judging criteria, within the Alternative Performance category only, the judges will also take into account as a third criteria: materials and fabrication. This is your opportunity to incorporate state-of-the-art and/or cutting edge materials and unique build processes into your board.


Wayne Rich
Joe Roper
Peter St. Pierre


It is free. Any and all board builders from around the world are encouraged to enter.


1) To enter send an email here


2) Bring your finished board to set-up day Friday May 1, 2020 – the Boardroom Show @ Del Mar Fairgrounds


3) You MUST bring a vertical stand for your entry or it will not be allowed.


4) You may include a 3’ X 5” index card (if you wish to expound/explain to the judges)


5) You may only enter one category.


6) All judges decisions are final.

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