Bruce Irons is Getting Better - Boardroom Show
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Bruce Irons is Getting Better

Bruce Irons is Getting Better

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Oct 23, 2011 —

Bruce Irons talks about the massive beast at Teahupoo that took his board shorts. Bruce is getting better.

Surf News – Top 5 Stories of the Week Oct 23rd
#1 Kelly Slater’s Board in Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

KellySlater, 39, has helped progress surfing and represented the sport in a positive manner, and this week it was announced that the Floridian has donated one of his boards to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.
“Over the past 20 years, his approach to surfing as a professional and dedicated philanthropist has changed how people surf and view the sport,” said Jane Rogers, curator at the museum, which collects and preserves items of American heritage to portray the American experience.The board is on display in the museum’s first-floor Artifact Walls exhibit.

Is there a better representation of and / or for surfing? Tom Blake paddleboard? A Simmons post WWII tech inspired foam n fiberglass?

#2 Slater wrap up 11th title @ Rip Curl Search – San Fran – they used Travelocity to SEARCH for this one.
From TransworldSURF:

“If this was any other event on the ASP schedule (Kelly’s won them all) it’d be hard to envision an early exit—but in San Francisco, at Ocean Beach, and without the use of Jet Ski assistance of any sort, the playing field may be leveled to the point that an early Slater loss is not entirely out of the question. Long shot, yes, but still possible. Man versus (hopefully) large Ocean Beach peaks might just make things interesting.”

#3 GW Shark hunt in West Oz as 3rd diver is taken out by 10′ great white; they are protected, but Oz govt issuing killing orders for what they feel is a rogue GWS that is responsible. a culling of GWS is not out of the picture.

Another surfer in NWest hit by massive GW Shark with photos of his …LOST Surfboard showing a gargantuan bite / Jaws mark.

#4 Twitter News/Faves: @Danes_neckbeard, @WhoisJOB, @Daynolds, some real ego clashing going on. During their best moments they are funny, insightful, stinging, at there worst they are haters, ignorant or trying to hard. Sort of like us on DTL radio? Internet everyone is a comedian or a hater or a know it all… or should I say “NOW” it all. So instantaneous, this web thingy.

#5 ISA World Masters Finals day in El Salvador with Sarlo O50, Curren, Hogan O45 in the Grand Finals. Does anyone care?


  • Matt / 24 October 2011 4:18

    Hi team,

    I just wanted to let you guys know that your show is quality, I’m from London in the UK and I get to work in great mood after listening to the show.

    Just wanted to say thank you!


  • Richard / 28 October 2011 7:01

    Whats up with fuel tv, I am looking for surf and all I get is some lame mma show or moto show nothing wrong with these shows but it’s almost 24/7 I thought fuel was a surf based channel, let’s show up to date surf contests like the cold water classic like the quicksilver was live on timewarner wtf.

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