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Back on iTunes!!

Back on iTunes!!

We’ve finally got our xml feed on iTunes sorted out. You should be able to use the free subscribe offering for our podcasts and they will be automatically downloaded for you. Thanks to Zack over at SURFER for helping with that.

This site was hacked and we had many issues but now it appears that all is good in DownTheLine surf talk radio world again.

Bassy and Baldy have joined forces with Adam Wright at for forecasting, so check out Adam’s work. it is simple the cleanest, clearest SoCal surf forecast going.

Last weeks show featured talk on the Mavericks contest and Jeff Clark litigation; big El Nino keeps pumping out the surf; frothing on gloves, sand wedges, and Rob Havassay’s Surf Story Project.

Check out this cool clip of a French beachy with tubes galore.

Next week’s show 8am PST on Xtrasports1360 in San Diego. You can listen live on the internet or search iTunes podcast directory for “Scott Bass” or “down the line”.


  • Scott Orsini / 29 January 2010 1:37

    Bassy and Baldy,

    Last weeks show seemed to hit on a whole bunch of points that are relevant to my life. First the Monster Jam, I have 2 preschool boys who love their Monster Trucks and I cant wait until they are old enough to go see them live. Then the spot about the lifeguards and aggressive surfing. I am a vice Chair of our local Surfrider chapter and we have a campaign called LocalS which tries to teach new surfers about wave etiquette and manners in the water. Then there’s the music, I mean can you really top 70’s classic rock?

    Lastly, I am frothing about my 7’0″ Fishcuit and we are having a great winter for waves here on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

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