April 19 Show Recap - Boardroom Show
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April 19 Show Recap

April 19 Show Recap


Surfline’s Evan Fontaine sits in and guest co-hosts show as Marty is Fly Fishing somewhere. It’s a beautiful day in San Diego. Scott welcomes Evan to the studio. Padres are on a roll. Mitch the board-op chimes in. Derek Dunfee, Chris Burkhard and Dr. Gene Cobb are guests. Scott admits his musical taste is old school. He doesn’t know any “Rage Against The Machine” songs. The SW swell is supposed to come on Thursday & Friday.

Top 5 Stories 1) Billabong XXL Awards 2) Children’s Pool vs Seals Pool vs. City of San Diego; internet tough guys chime in 3) Dick Baker RIP 4) $25K Ring stolen from Michael Tomson- somebody busted down his door 5) Never got to it…

Stuff: Eddie Rothman sends out a YouTube clip; Women’s surfing needs perfect waves to keep our interest;Jordan from Canada thanks S&M for years of Down The Line Stoke; Canned Heat may have the best song ever; RanMan calls in from Manzanillo Bay to tell us it is about head high and new south swell should be hitting there in full force on Wednesday. The good folks at the Inn at Manzanillo Bay are giving away three nights room & ‘board’ at the Inn at Manzanillo Bay (click here now to enter!!) – just enter Down The Line contest in the submission form.

Listen to the entire two hours of Down The Line

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