20 Years Since the Dream Team - USA Surfing: Can we bring home the GOLD? - Boardroom Show
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20 Years Since the Dream Team – USA Surfing: Can we bring home the GOLD?

20 Years Since the Dream Team – USA Surfing: Can we bring home the GOLD?

July 1, 2012 Down The Line Surf Talk Radio with Bassy n Baldy on XTRA SPORTS 1360AM in San Diego; on iTunes podcast (Google it).

Tom Morey was once asked if he would give up surfing for a million dollars. He responded by asking something to the effect of “does that include hanging your hand out the car window at a freeway underpass?”.

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Hey Micah Byrne & Ryan Simmons Coaches of the USA Surf Team Juniors

Tell us a little about yourselves ; why are you qualified for the job as coaches of the USA surf Team — 2013 ISA World Juniors.

How much are you getting paid?

PT brought home the silver – that’s the Best the USA Juniors has ever done.

Who is on the team?
Jake Marshall, Jake Davis, Kanoa Igorashi, Conner Coffin, Parker Coffin, Taylor Clark, Cam Richards, Ian Gentil, Jake Halstead

What is the plan to bring us a gold medal?

Kolohe Andino missed Peru ISA & Panama ISAJr Worlds; he passed on surfing for his country – his dream wasn’t to win GOLD for his country, his dream was to go qualify for the WTour.

Is the system dysfunctional? – kids are pros or amateur?

Are the kids and their professional aspirations – are they bigger than the ISA and Olympic dream?

Is this a rebuilding year – 2013 – for the team?

Kanoa Igarashi (USA) just won the U18 as a fourteen year old.
What does this win mean for you?
“It’s pretty good. Brother (Kolohe Andino) won this contest last year and he’s on the World Tour now. It’s a good confidence booster for me for the next year.”
What are your future plans?
“Just surf a bunch, film, do some trips and have fun with it. Winning the King of the Groms in France is my next contest goal.”

Notice he doesn’t mention bringing home the Gold medal for the USA surf team.

Systemic problem that involves the sponsors, their team managers, the parents, the industry: Not up to you to change it, but what do you say to those that feel like the World Tour is more important than surfing for the USA surf team?

What will you do if and when a 17 year-old kids says, “Sorry coach, I can’t make practice or an event, I’m trying to qualify for blah blah blah…” ??

General Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf advice: Kick him off the team, tell him “best of luck to you, but the USA Surf Team requires commitment, tenacity and an undying desire to bring home the GOLD MEDAL for your country. Anything less than that is in our opinion, ungrateful and shortsighted, and surfers and their sponsors that can’t commit to the USA Surf Team program are, in our opinion, not thinking about the future of the child, the future of the sport and of the future of the surf industry as a whole.” Then, send out an industry wide Press Release to ESPN announcing as much. That’s the only way you will bring attention to this.

Until the surf industry demands that their kids i.e team riders surf for the USA Surf Team – we are stuck in copper/bronze toilet.

Guess which brand will take us out of this?? Guess which brand has the foresight to understand that USA surf Team success is good for business? VANS? Quiksilver? Billabong? Hurley? Volcom? NIKE? We shall see. Maybe none of them? Maybe the whole thing continues to flounder.

More General Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf advice: : Make the USA Juniors watch one of these documentaries: This is what it means to represent your country GOLD! GOLD damnit!

What would our 2013 USA Surf Team open division DREAM TEAM look like?

Kelly Slater
CJ Hobgood
Brett Simpson
Damian Hobgood
Evan Gieselman
Kolohe Andino
Kanoa Igarashi
Parker Coffin

Never in the history of the sport has the atmosphere for creating a Dream Team been better? Who/what is going to stop it? The ASP? The ASP has never been weaker.

There is a massive gap in the ASP schedule. Create a Dream Team scenario?

In hindsight, would you have run the Volcom FIJI Pro on the biggest surfable day ever, with the best surf athletes in the world?

Who will win the 2012 World Title this year?

The XGames has their JAM format in skating whereby the skaters drop into the ramp, one-at-a-time, until someone falls, then it is the next skaters turn, and so on and so forth…for twenty minutes. Is this a format that surfing contests could somehow be adopt at certain spots? Lowers, JBay.

Will Gabe Medina be the first Brazilian World Champ?

Top 5 Stories
#1 The nominees for the 20th annual ESPY Awards were announced Tuesday, including categories for Best Male Action Sports Athlete and Best Female Action Sports Athlete. Shaun White, Kelly Slater, Travis Rice and Ryan Villopoto are nominated for the men’s action sports category, and Kelly Clark, Kaya Turski, Jamie Anderson, and Carissa Moore will be vying for the women’s title.

The 2012 ESPYS will be televised live Wednesday, July 11, at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN from the Nokia Theatre at L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles, Calif.

#2 The National Scholastic Surfing Association’s (NSSA) National Championships is expected to continue through Tuesday, July 3, 2012. Thankfully, the last two days of the competition will be broadcast live on Nike Surfing’s Facebook page.

The live broadcast is expected to start on Monday, July 2, 2012, at 6:45 a.m., with the Open Boys’ Quarterfinals. So be sure to set the alarm clock and re-program your coffee maker. The surfing action is anticipated to continue with several rounds of the Open Men’s competition and the Open Women’s Quarterfinals. The Open Mini Groms’ Quarterfinals and Round 3 of the Juniors’ competition are also on tap for Monday.

#3 New Hampshire gets indoor wave machine
Indoor skydiving has worked in south Nashua, so why not indoor surfing, too?

That’s the thinking behind a multimillion-dollar addition to SkyVenture, off Daniel Webster Highway, that by early next year will hold what its owners say will be the world’s largest indoor-surfing facility of its type.

“When we opened this, I said to my husband, ‘Now, we need the surf machine,’ ” said Laurie Greer, co-owner of SkyVenture, which opened in 2006 as the only Northeast facility of its type. She was only half-joking.


  • Mike / 2 July 2012 6:47

    Enjoy the show, but would like to see a more long form format ( 2 hours, if once a week ) to get more in depth on more topics.

    Alot of avenues to explore on the topic of US National team.
    I think it’s vital and smart that the coaches want to instill more of a team sports approach, but if their title is “coach” they should feel and are expected to “coach”! This includes discipline, and critical feedback to the members on the team and what the roles and expectations are.
    They seemed to recognize and resigned to tip-toe around the “fragile” egos of the would be team members and more concerned about being their “Bro” then a real coach.
    “I’m the expert and these are the adjustments you need to make” is critical to improvement, but sadly might be a conversation that never takes place.


  • Jay / 20 July 2012 7:15

    Guys Love the show but your dream team vs Australias does not look that crash hot, actually quite sad, other than Slater of course;

    Mick Fanning
    Joel Parkinson
    Taj Burrow
    Owen Wright
    Matt Wilkinson
    Josh Kerr
    Ace Buchan
    Mitch Colebourn

    Not so confident now huhh!

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